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I let out a deep chuckle and slightly shake my head as my brother chats up a blonde chick; he’s telling her some dumb stuff, very creative I must admit.  Why bother though? He could be telling her the biography of every president we’ve ever had and would still be able to get laid tonight. Trying to shut out the girlish giggle that comes out of the blonde I bring the cup to my lips, draining the tequila in one shot and let the alcohol burn through my throat and chest before settling as liquid warmth in my stomach.

“Another one, with salt and lemon” I shout to the bartender who nods my way, signalling that he has indeed heard me above the music. I shoot a sideway glance at George, from his short and wavy hair that’s too dark to be auburn but too light to be brown, passing by his brown eyes with flecks of light green and gold that come out under the light at the bar, to his tall figure inked with tattoos he’s absolutely identical to me. My gaze slowly turns to the chick who’s sat just in front of him, their knees touching and who’s laughing at everything he says; I resist the urge to roll my eyes at that, I don’t get why women have to laugh at every small thing we say. She’s not too bad I guess, maybe a little too thin, her face a little too angular but apart from that she’s okay, okay enough for a one night stand.

“So you guys are twins, yeah?” Again, I try to resist the urge to roll my eyes at her, isn’t it obvious? Instead I only chuckle deeply and shake my head waiting for George to take over.

“Yeah, don’t worry though, I’m the better one here” he laughs, nudging me in the ribs and I let out a snort.

“You wish” I laugh at him. And from the corner of my eye I spot the perverted look the chick gives us.

“Yeah yeah” he dismisses me, turning back to the blonde, “so, you wanna get out of here darling?” he asks, standing up and bringing his face closer to hers, his lips whispering something I try to block in her ear.

She giggles and whispers something back before getting up from her stool and taking my brother’s hand. Just as she’s about to leave she turns around and her brown eyes fix me, “are you going to stay here alone?”

“I’m not alone princess” I wave the tequila shot at her before draining it down and ordering another one. Someone please tell me this bird isn’t going where I think she is, I just want to roll my eyes at how predicable women are.

“You know what I mean, woman company and all” she trails of seductively whilst bringing her hand on my knee, her manicured nails trailing towards the inside of my thigh until she’s only a few centimetres away from my crotch.  I don’t try to stop her, in fact she could kneel down and blow me in this crowded place and I still wouldn’t stop her.

“Don’t worry for me princess.” I answer still not looking at her but I can feel George’s questioning glance, a twin bond or some shit that helps me know what my brother is thinking. He’s clearly telling me that he won’t be offended if I want this chick too. “And I think George is waiting for you”

“And what if I want you there too?” she asks in a seductive whisper, her hot breath hitting my ear lobe.

“I think one of us will be more than you can process princess” I answer before getting up and walking towards the dance floor, leaving George to deal with her. It’s not that I don’t plan to get laid tonight, because I am, but sometimes it gets boring to be some sort of fucked up fantasy women want to experience. A threesome with twins, can it get any more fucked up? One even told us she wanted to see if we really were identical down to every part of our body. Another one that it was so exciting to do it with two identical people and that when we did in front of the mirror it was like fucking with four identical people; wow, at least someone knows how to count.

I let my body move to the loud base, all the alcohol in my organism making everything go fuzzy from time to time. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the feeling of being young and carefree. That’s how it feels like to let everything go, in a while I’ll find a girl to take home and forget about all my problems and responsibilities as I’ll plunge myself deeply into her warmth again and again, the alcohol will only make the experience better. Tomorrow I’ll have to take action again, but tomorrow is a different day. Who’s the smart dude who ever said this shit? I’ve got his name on the tip of my tongue… fuck it I just want to let everything go. I glance at my watch, already two in the morning, time sure flies. How much time since George has been gone? Thirty minutes, an hour?

I look down when I feel a warm body press against me, a girl with thousands of little braids that come down to her naked waist starts dancing against me, her full bottom grinding against my crotch which hardens at the touch. She’s wearing a bright pink tank top, although it looks more like a long bra to me, which contrasts against her dark skin and high heels that make her tall enough so her eyes are nearly as the same high as mine.

“What’s your name?” she asks, her voice sounds scratchy but hot at the same time.

“Does it matter?” I answer, my hands resting on her hips to bring her closer to me, her skin feels warm and smooth under my calloused fingertips.

“I guess not” she laughs, white teeth flashing in the multi-coloured lighting, “I’m Liliah though”

I nod but don’t offer my name in return, which I’m sure she was hoping to hear, she only looks slightly taken aback for a second before deciding to shrug it and joins me into the dancing which only gets hotter every fucking passing minute. Enough people are surrounding us so we’re not visible from the bar or from the couches where people are taking a rest or making out. Slowly, I trail one of my hands down from her hip until I reach her tight pants and going further down to rub her. A small moan escapes her plump lips; one arm goes up and around my neck so my mouth is centimetres away from her neck which I nibble and the other rest onto my hand that’s between her legs. She tries to pull me away but I know it’s more because she doesn’t want to be seen being fingered here than because she really wants to stop so I continue rubbing her until her moans turn into panting and her bum grinds harder against my already hard crotch.

“Do you want to take it somewhere more private?” I suggest, my voice comes out as hoarser than usual.

“Yeah, please” she breathes out when I take my hand away only to grab hers and start walking towards the exit.

Less than five minutes later I’m sat in the front seat of my car, the seat pulled backwards and a half naked chick straddling me in the middle of the night club’s parking lot. Lily? Lila? I don’t remember her fucking name, but it’s not like it matters anyway, I’m never going to see her again. I palm her full breasts, her bra and tank top somewhere on the seats at the back; she moans into my mouth and brings her hands down to my belt which she quickly opens. Panting and groaning and moaning we manage to pull out trousers and pants down so that’s totally naked and my jeans are pooled around my ankles, I insert a finger into her before joining another one, only pumping a few times before taking them out and looking for the plastic foil that’s always in my car.

Without a word I pull it down whilst she peppers kisses around my jaw and down my neck, gently biting on the soft skin there. “Oh God yes” she groans when I pull her down and onto me, I hiss at how warm she feels around me and grab a few braids in my hand, slightly pulling each time she lifts herself up and back down, up and down, up and down again until we’re both a panting and sweating mess.  

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