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Ron knocked on Pansy's door and she were quite surprised to see him. " Hi Ron"

" Hi Pans...need some company?"

" Let me guess. You're hungry?" Ron chuckled and blushed. " What if I am?"

" Com on in, you need a friend who can give you some food when your mom refuse, right?"

Ron laughed and lifted Pansy up. " I thought you were more than a friend to me?" Now it was Pansy's time to blush.

" What if I am?"


Hermione sat in all alone in her house. She had owled Ginny to come over but she hadn't replied. She had told Ron and Harry to keep distance for a while, she needed som space to think and work things out.

She walked around in the livingroom and drank some tea and some memories was going around in her head.

She wanted to meet her parents now, at least see if they were okay. But she couldn't do it alone.

Her thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on the door. She sat down the cup of tea and flew towards the door, hoping it was Draco.

She almost threw her arms around the person who stood in front of the door but she stopped herself.

" Blaise? Hi... What are you...?"

" She's gone, Hermione. Ginny's gone"

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