The Reflection

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The next day Ginny woke up with a huge headache and she nearly puked in her own bed. But she was glad she could at least remember something from the other night. She didn't want to admit it but Blaise she was starting to feel a little bit attracted to the dark wizard.

His eyes and the way he talked to her....and touched her. But she quickly threw away those thoughts when she heard Hermione sigh at the other side of the room.

" Morning Red" Hermione said and sat up. " Hey! Only Blaise has the right to call me that" Ginny said and laughed.

" Come on I was just messing with you" Hermione said and winked.
" So I noticed" Ginny blushed and could only think of Blaise for some weird reason.

" How was your date with McLaggen by the way?" She then asked. Hermione touched her cheek where he had hit her, he deserved a huge fist punch later today.

" It was okay, but I'm not going with him again. It was quite....boring"

" Okay, I think Draco asked for you like ten times or something" Now it was Hermione's time to start blushing.


Blaise and Draco woke up around 8 am and didn't have the strenght to get up at all. But when Blaise thought of Ginny, he almost flew up from his bed. Like he was burning.

" Someone is happy today" Draco yawned. " I'm always happy" Blaise said and changed to his school uniform. " It's her isn't it?" Draco said and started to dress himself as well.
" Ginny?"

" Of course it is! Haven't you seen her? She's like super-mega-awesome-hot and I can't stop thinking about her. I'm going crazy man"

" You should tell her that" Draco said simply like it was the most obvious thing in the wizarding world.

" I can't just go up and tell her that"

" At least you're honest then. You can't do more than that"

" You make it sound so easy" Blaise said and starting tie his tie.

" Yeah, I know it's not. You should do it when you're ready"

" What if I'm never ready?"

" You will be, you know it when the time comes" After that they both walked to the great hall.


The half day went fast, surprisingly fast. Hermione and Ginny just got into the great hall when the mail arrived. It was sunday so they didn't have any lessons to worry about.

Draco and Blaise was sitting with Astoria and Pansy, yay. They all had their mail and Draco couldn't wait to see his letter. He opened it up hastily and read it quietly to himself.

Two minutes later he screamed outraged and threw his goblet into the the wall. Everyone got quiet and stared at the blonde Slytherin. Hermione forgot to breath for a few seconds when she saw his face.

His wasn't angry, he was sad. Devastaded. He ran out from the great hall, Hermione could see that tears was forming in his beatuiful grey eyes.

" Where is he going?" Ginny whispered to Hermione. But she just shrugged. " No idea"

" Maybe the boy's bathroom? He was there when Harry and he had a fight remember?" Dean said. " That's the only place a guy actually can think and be on his own sometimes"

Before they knew it, Hermione was on her way from the great hall to the boy's bathroom.


Draco stood infront of the mirror, feeling his heart beating faster and faster. He couldn't bareley control his breaths.

" Draco?" He looked at the mirror and saw her in the reflection. He didn't turn around though. He just started to speak to her, because he knew that she would ask what was wrong.

" They're spliting up Hermione. My parents"

" Draco I'm sorry..."

" Be quiet" he demanded. " It's not your fucking fault so don't apologize"
She got quiet and let him do the talking.

" I think I know the reason for their separation. They don't remeber what love is anymore. I don't know either, but I know someone who does"

Now he turned around to face her, she wore a worried face. " Who?"

" You Hermione, so please do me a favour" he left the mirror and walked towards her. She backed away but hit the wall.

" What..?"

" I need you to come with me to the manor for Christmas. We will have a Christmas party, and I want to introduce you to my parents. "

Hermione gasped. " Are some weird way, asking me out here?" Draco's face softened, his hand caressed her chin.

" So what if I am? Will you accept?" He got closer to her, his other hand snaked around her waist like it had the other night, but this time she didn't care.

" I will "

" Good" He leaned in for a soft kiss but she pushed him away. " Draco no" she whispered. " This is not the time"

" When does the time come then? I've been waiting for years now. For years!" He leaned in one more time, but in that very moment she turned away her head so he kissed her neck instead.

He started to suck on a sweet spot he found, but she held back a moan. Now she pushed him away harder. " Draco seriously! Not now!"

" Why?!"

" Because....."

" There you are!" Suddenly they had Blaise and Ginny infront of them and looked quite worried.

" We thought you guys were...." Blaise said but Draco cut him off.

" Well you found us now didn't you?" Said Hermione acid. " Come on Ginny let's get out of here" she took her best friend's wrist and walked away with determinded steps.

Not looking back at Draco.

A/N wow this was a long chapter, hope you liked it anyway :) love you all ❤

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