Like I can

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Draco sat alone in the library the whole saturday night, it was one of the most depressing things he had ever done. He wrote a letter to his parents before he left. He had trouble writing it down because he wasn't sure if he should mention Hermione in it. At last, it looked something like this:

' Dear mom and dad, how are you? I wish and hope that everything is fine. I miss you.
Here in school everything is fine, me and Blaise are sitting in the library alot. But I don't want to talk about that. I think I'm starting to like someone. She.....she's amazing. I'll try to invite her for our Christmas party for our holidays.
Love Draco'

Draco walked from the library when it was around 11 pm and found many other couples standing in their corners and snogging.

Suddenly he heard loud laughter and saw Blaise and Ginny walking through the corridor. Ginny was still consious, but it wouldn't take long until she wasn't.

" Seriously Blaise? Still drunk are you?" Blaise looked away from Ginny for a moment. " Me? She is, not me. I've only had one"

" Blaise you are such a gentleman sometimes, you know that?" Ginny said took Blaise's hand. Draco stepped back slowly, they were eye-fucking each other and he didn't want to be a part of that.

" I'm going to find the other Gryffinfor. She should be back by now, I hope" But they didn't hear him or didn't want to.

" See you later.....ah nevermind"


Hermione had a horrible time, she regretted that she didn't stay in the library for the rest of the night. Why? Because Cormac had been drinking way too much and couldn't keep his hands of off her.

Yeah Draco was almost the same sometimes but she would rather have Draco doing it than McLaggen. At least Draco knew how to make it feel good.

When she refused to kiss him he'd hit her on the cheek and left her in the corridor. She was too tired and weak to move, so she just fell down onto the floor. She closed her eyes and had never felt so weak. She missed the old times.

She missed when she, Ron and Harry used to run around the school and almost got killed all the time....or worst....expelled.

Draco was on his way up to the Gryffindor Tower when he bumped into Cormac.

" Oh excuse me Malfoy"

" Where is Hermione, McLaggen?" He said when he quickly noticed Hermione wasn't with him.

" Don't know. Don't care. She's a little coward after all, maybe a loser like you can have her"

The next second McLaggen was pressed to the wall with Draco's wand pointed at his throat.

" I don't care what you call me. But when you call the Brain of the Golden Trio a coward, you're a dead man"

Cormac gulped and didn't dare to breath at all. " Where is she? Where did you left her?" Draco said, his wand was touching his throat now.

" I don't know where she is, I promise. Maybe in the Gryffindor Common room. Go and look there or something" Cormac said and tried to sound calm but his voice was cracking.

" Wasn't so hard was it?" Draco said and pushed him away with a death glare.

He hurried away to the Gryffindor Tower but when he got there he saw Hermione layin on the ground.

" Granger?" He said and sat down beside her. She opened her eyes slowly but she didn't say anything. He could see a silent tear falling down from her brown eyes. He picked her up and walked inside the portrait.

There were no one in the her dorm, he laied her down on her bed carefully. He was just about to leave when he heard her whisper his name.

" What is it?" He said and sat down and faced her.

" I missed Ron so much, so I tried to date Cormac again. But like before, it didn't work. Cormac is nothing compared to anyone. He....god he's nothing" She said and sobbed.

" Hey, try to get some sleep now okay? I'll see you tomorrow. By the way, you deserve better"

" Thank you" She said and gave him a small smile. " Good night Draco" she closed her eyes and quickly fell into deep sleep.

" Good night Hermione"

He watched her sleep for a few minutes before he left. On his way he realized something very important. Something he needed to let her know.
And he repeated it to himself all the way down to the Dungeons;

" He won't love you like I can"

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