An old friend

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Ginny and Blaise was in the Burrow in Ginny's room and Blaise had a plan about what he and Ginny could do for spending some cute lonely time together.

Blaise didn't really agree about everything, so they ended up fighting. George just happened to walk by Ginny's room and heard them half shouting at each other.

" I won't do it Blaise! It's just too risky!"
George heard Ginny yell. " Oh come on! You don't know before you tried" Blaise argued.

" But's just...just forget it!"
" You know I'm stubborn, Ginny" Blaise said. George has one his prank-ears that he and Fred use to have egen they were eavesdropping.

" No you're just spoiled. You always gets the way you want!" Ginny argued back. George was worried outside the door.

" Besides..." Ginny continued. " You can't make me " Okay now George was super worried, he pulled out his wand and was ready to storm in any moment.

" You will do it, Gin. Sooner or later"

That was it for George, he opened the door wide open, and pointed his wand at Blaise. " What are you trying to do with my sister Zabini?!"

" Oh Merlin and Agrippa....." Ginny rolled her eyes and tried to step in between them, but George didn't let her.

" I know what you're thinking, mr, sir, Ginny's older brother, but we were just having an argument and..."

" Argument about what?" George now looked at Ginny. " It's not the S-word, as you think" Ginny calmly explained. " We were talking about bundgyjumping. He wanted to try while I didn't"

" Really?" George said and looked from Ginny to Blaise and back to Ginny.
" Really. I swear on family member's grave "

" You better" George said and lowered his wand. Suddenly the heard someone knock on the door and a familiar voice.

" Anybody home?"

Ginny who immediatley recognized the voice ran out from her room and out to the kitchen.

" Oh my god what are you doing here?!" She said and flew into the arms of her old friend.

" Just wanted to visit!" He said happily and hugged her back.

George and Blaise was also now in the kitchen. George just smiled but Blaise shot him a cold look.

" Zabini"

" Potter "

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