Hunt them down

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Ron was very satisfied, he just had a perfect dinner with Pansy and the things they did after that....yeah he was a happy man right now.

" Thanks for everything" Ron said when he opened the door to walk out from Pansy's house. But she tried to make him stay.

" Thank YOU Ron " Pansy blushed. " You're the only person that seemed to care about me"

" What? Don't your parents already do that?" Ron said worriedly and put his hand on her cheek. " Not really. They work all the time, make good money, and buy me things I don't even want. It's them I want"

" I'm sorry Pans..." Ron sighed. " Don't be. There is nothing you can do"

" Maybe there is. If you let your parents. And I can tell them about how amazing you are..?"

In reply, Pansy just leaned in and kissed him softly om his lips. " You can always try"

He walked down the stairs but didn't get far when someone took a hold of him and pushed him down on the ground. He heard Pansy scream out his name and then heard another familiar voice screaming his attacker's name.

" Draco calm the fuck down!" Harry yelled and tried to get Draco of off him.

" Where is Hermione?!"

" He dosen't know!" He heard Blaise yell. " No one does!"

" You weren't even there!" Draco yelled at Ron. Both Blaise and Harry managed to get Draco off Ron so he could breath normally.

" What the hell is going on?!" Ron yelled at the other boys. Pansy were now by Ron's side and called him down.

" Hermione's gone" Harry explained. " So is Ginny" Blaise sighed.

Ron hold Pansy near him, like there would come a death eater that very moment and take her from him.

" Where is Astoria, Harry?" Pansy said worriedly. " I'll get her" Harry said and disapparated.

" Hermione..? And Ginny too..? Oh mom is going to flip"

" Look, don't panic" Blaise said. " Okay I'm not the one to say that, but we have to make sure everyone is safe first, then we make a plan " Next second Harry was back with Astoria in his arms.

" Thank Merlin you're okay" Pansy breathed out in relief. " I just told Neville to keep an eye on Luna too, just in case" Harry said.

" Good, all we need now, is each other. And a good damn plan" Ron said. They all heard Draco snort at this. " Unless you already have a plan, mr Snorty"

" Belive me, mr Cocky, I do" Everyone looked confused at Draco. " Well let's hear it then" Astoria said.

Everybody knew that Draco Malfoy was there to stay and never leave Hermione again when he said;

" We'll hunt them down, and make them pay for everything"

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