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Just a day before Hermione and Ginny was leaving Hogwarts for the Christmas Holidays, they were in Hogsmead. Hermione needed a dress for the Christmas party and Ginny just wanted a new one. But just before they were about to go in, Blaise stopped Ginny.

" Awesome, Gin! I didn't need to tell you" Hermione walked inside without listening at all to Blaise, but Ginny stopped in her tracks.

" Sorry...?"

" About my family's Christmas party?"

" What? More parties?" Said Ginny uncertain. " I'm going to be home at Christmas"

" Good, then I pick you up at 7 pm?"

" You can't just take me with you!"

" Pfft, I'm Blaise Zabini, I can do whatever I want"

" Right and I'm Ginny Weasley, I can throw hexes at you whenever I want"
Blaise sighed and his face softened. He tried again, but this time with better words.

" Why can't you just go to the party with me? I want you there"

" But...oh Blaise...I have to think about it" " It's just a small Christmas party, nothing more. We have something to eat and drink, exchange presents, kiss under the misteltoe..."

" No kisses" Ginny said firmly.

" Why? You didn't seem to mind yesterday" He was now smirking at her, but not an evil smirk. More like a teasing smirk.

" What?! We didn't kiss yesterday!"

" No, but you almost kissed me"

Ginny blushed very much and just wanted to get out of there. Right now. But she didn't know how to talk her way out of this. " So 7 pm then?"

Blaise asked when he saw her red color, for being honest, he didn't want her to feel humilliated just in front of him.

" Yeah sure" She eventually said and Blaise gave her a small smile.

" Thank you" He opened up his arms to her. " Hug?"

" No " " Seriously what does a man have to do get a hug in this school?"

" Sorry but this is one of the most awkward moments we ever had together" With that she walked in to the store to find Hermione.

" At last we have moments" Blaise said even though she didn't hear him.

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