It hurts so bad

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Harry was about to walk out from Astoria's house after a long visit, but Astoria didn't want to let him leave. " Harry please don't go yet. We had a nice time" Astoria begged. Harry found it hard to resist, but he didn't want to leave Ron home all alone.

" I would like to stay Astoria, but Ron is home alone and I would be a horrible friend if I left him forever alone" Astoria giggled. " I talked to Pansy before you got here. And she's with him now so you don't need to worry about him"

" But..."

" Come on, Potter " Astoria took a hold of his arm and dragged him. Harry was just about to walk in again when an owl flew towards him. " Is that Ginevra's owl?" Asked Astoria. Harry glared at Astoria.

" Don't call Ginny Ginevra unless you're her mother or something "

The owl flew down on Harry's shoulder and gave him a letter. " This better be good" Harry mumbled. He opened the letter and read through it fast. Astoria got worried when his eyes got wide open.

" What is it? Is it Ginny?" Harry shook his head. " It's Hermione. I have to go. I'll owl you, promise" He gave her a quick hug.


Harry disapparated to Hermione's place in the muggleworld and knocked on her door. " Hermione? Open up!" Harry said worriedly. The door flew up and Hermione swung her arms around Harry.

" Harry..!" She gasped. " What is it?" Harry tried to speak clearly but Hermione almost strangled him with her bear hug. " I miss him so much" Hermione cried in arms.

Harry sat down on the staircase with Hermione still in his arms. " Don't worry about it, he will come back soon"
Hermione shook her head. " No. I had a letter earlier today. And he said it will take a couple of weeks before we see each other again. Maybe months!"

" What?! He didn't tell me that!" Harry said. " I don't even know where he is!" Hermione cried harder. " Do you?"

" I wish I did. So I could kill him for making my sister cry like a little baby"

" Harry!" Hermione both giggled and cried at the same time. If that was even possible.

" Fine. First I let you meet him, then I'll kill him " " Agreed" Hermione chuckled. " I wish he at least could tell me what his mission was"

" I'm sure it's something very important. I mean, he wouldn't leave you if it wasn't something super important " Harry said calmly. Hermione nodded.

" You're right I guess " Harry wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. He hated to see her like this.

" It's just..." Hermione sobbed. " It hurts so bad"

" I know Mione. I know "

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