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The Marriage Law  by DirtyDarkSecret
The Marriage Law by DirtyDarkSecret
A new law is passed that will change the lives of many... Can those affected get through it with their sanity or will they lose it. Will the new couples discover secrets...
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Love Me Like You Do [ Dramione, Blinny] #Wattys2016 by Icefly
Love Me Like You Do [ Dramione, Icefly
" I want you now" he said and walked closer towards her. She backed away two steps but met the ice cold wall. " What do you mean?" She said nervousl...
  • dramione
  • deatheaters
  • hermione
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The marriage law by ellehannah
The marriage lawby ellehannah
The war has finished. Everything is back to normal right? Nope, it couldn't be further from it. As more than half of the population now lies in the ground, the ministry...
  • larry
  • marraigelaw
  • dramione
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fake love | dramione by -malfoysbae
fake love | dramioneby howdy
the story of how two enemies begin to love eachother through a law. [very slow updates] [lowercase intended] [blinny&dramione] - #1 - marriagelaw - 23/9/18 #1 - blinny...
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Aconite - Dramione/Blinny by salty_mermaid
Aconite - Dramione/Blinnyby salty_mermaid
"What do you want, Malfoy?" She asked angrily. He tutted at her as he sat down. "Is that any way to treat a client?" Her brow furrowed as she narrowe...
  • draco
  • werewolf
  • ginnyweasley
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Let them watch by xo_dramione_xo
Let them watchby Sasha xo
Hermione is heading back to Hogwarts to redo her 7th year with her brother....wait WHAT? How will her two best friends react to the news and what happens when a new rela...
  • ronance
  • hinny
  • zabinitwins
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Love comes in many form [ Dramione, Blinny ] Sequel #1 by Sophiexoxo11
Love comes in many form [ ♥︎Sophiexoxo11♡
Everyone in seventh year are going back to Hogwarts to finished it. The Golden Trio is backing apart and only Hermione, Ginny, and Ron are going back to Hogwarts. Instea...
  • gryffindor
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  • harrypotter
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Adoption At Hogwarts by friendly_emo
Adoption At Hogwartsby no name
What if Hermione Granger wasn't actually a Granger? What if Ginny Weasley wasn't actually a Weasley? Who would be their new family? Hermione and Ginny were hoping for a...
  • blaise
  • blinny
  • malfoy
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All I need... by LordMagicks
All I ;)
Minutes after Voldemort was defeated Draco finally tells granger how he feels, but Ron isn't so happy about this. Draco confides in Blaise, as does Hermione with Ginny...
  • remuslupin
  • wolfstar
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Fake It Till We Make It | *UNDER REVISIONS* by EJM037856
Fake It Till We Make It | *UNDER accio_ice cream
It's been a year and a half since the battle of Hogwarts and Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley have everything they ever wanted. Great friends, amazing fiancés, and the...
  • love
  • quidditch
  • zabini
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Unexpected by weirdobookperson2342
Unexpectedby MLT
The 7th years and returning 7th years were sitting in the Great Hall after breakfast on the first day of classes. Professor McGonagall stood in front of her students wit...
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • hermionegranger
  • ransy
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Wait...I'm a Zabini? | Edited ✔️ by oohmaegod
Wait...I'm a Zabini? | Edited ✔️by m a e 💋
❝Never knew you were one to swear, Granger.❞ @oohmaegod
  • draco
  • hogwarts
  • life
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Ironic Love by JugheadFrickingJones
Ironic Loveby Lydia👸🏼
The war is over and now everyone is coming back to do their seventh year. Harry and Ron are showing their true colours, but more unexpectedly, so are Draco and Blaise...
  • dracomalfoy
  • blinnyfanfiction
  • dramione
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My Secret Heart- A Dramione Love Story by ForeverDramione22
My Secret Heart- A Dramione Love ForeverDramione22
Hermione Granger is distraught when her muggle parents die in a car crash. But then Blaise Zabini turns up at the hospital claiming to be her twin and she can't believe...
  • gryffindor
  • wattys2017
  • ron
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Dramione Instagram  by Love-Dramione
Dramione Instagram by Love-Dramione
Tittle explains everything Also Blaise + Ginny Ron + Pansy Neville + Luna Theo + Astoria Seamus + Dean Harry + Emily ( random girl .-. ) Cedric + Cho Also THEY...
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It's Never Just a Normal Year, Is It? by Umbra_Ignis98
It's Never Just a Normal Year, Umbra Ignis
The Golden Three and the rest of their year has been invited back to Hogwarts to redo the year they missed due to the interrupting war. Harry still totally smitten with...
  • tomriddle
  • lordvoldemort
  • 7thyear
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Harry Potter Instagram by ruby123_1
Harry Potter Instagramby Emma
Exactly as the title says
  • magic
  • ronweasley
  • malfoy
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Loving You - Dramione/Blinny Veela by salty_mermaid
Loving You - Dramione/Blinny Veelaby salty_mermaid
Giving him a skeptical look, she stepped away and out of his arms, almost regretting it instantly but ignoring that feeling as she pushed past him. "You better not...
  • veela
  • dracoxhermione
  • hermionegranger
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I promise (book one)  by RevgirlandOtaku4life
I promise (book one) by Revgirl&Otaku4life
"Why did you have to pick me? Do you enjoy my misery or something?" Hermione yelled. "I picked you to protect you!" Draco screamed. "Why would...
  • wattys2017
  • blinny
  • harrypotter
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Hermione...The Secret Zabini by RoseMalfoy2005
Hermione...The Secret Zabiniby RoseMalfoy2005
Blinny & Dramione Hermione wakes up feeling....different. Only to find out who she really is. She is no longer a Granger. How will her friends react? Will her feelin...
  • blinny
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  • zabini