It's over

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Hermione woke up with a headache in her head and only saw one person in front of her, Draco. She thought it was all a dream. Draco wasn't really here. He was gone on a stupid top-secret mission that ske couldn't know about, and for that, she was angry with him.

But still, he did save her life. They were now in her house in the muggleworld.

But what she did not understand was how on earth he found her. She sat up and Draco cupped her face with his hands and kissed her forehead.

" How are you feeling?" He whispered.

" How did you find me? I mean us" She quickly added when she remembered that Ginny had been with her. And where was that girl anyway?

" Calm down, you should thank Ginevra for that. It was all her doing"

" What? How?" She was so confused that she had to lay her head down again.

" Before you guys left for London, Ginny had sent Blaise a patronus about where you were heading. And when it had taken quite long time and none of you were back home yet, he got worried"

" And Blaise is like the only person who knows where you actually are right? He contacted you?"

" Yes. And I was there in two minutes. We got Harry and Ron and hurried towards the bar. I felt okay until I saw that scumbag was holding you against a dirty wall and acted like you were his whore for the night"

Hermione was taken aback for his choice of words but she understood that Draco actually wanted to kill the guy, only hurting him wouldn't be enough.

" Draco I'm fine now. Okay? Now that you're here makes it even better "

Draco looked down in the bed, like he was afraid of having eye-contact with his own girlfriend. " Draco what's wrong?" Hermione wondered.

" Nothing..." Draco said and looked away. Hermione just felt like giving him a bitch-slap for not looking at her when he talked to her.

" Look at me, Draco" she commanded.

Draco immediatley raised his head to see hers. " Sorry Mione" he mumbled.

" What's wrong?" She asked again.

" Well...I have to tell you something..."

Blaise and Ginny were sitting in the kitchen and holding hands. Ginny stayed close to Blaise, she didn't dare to leave his side after what happened the other night.

Blaise found it hard sleeping when he didn't know if Ginny was okay or not, so he were so happy the guys helped him find the girls.

He was about to give her a sweet kiss but then they heard a door getting open and two voices were screaming at each other. Okay, Hermione screamed at Draco.

" What do you mean you don't stay?!" Hermione yelled angrily.

" Hermione calm down...! People are still sleeping" Draco said carefully.

" It's okay, we're awake here" Blaise said but Ginny just rolled her eyes.

" Thanks mate" Draco said sarcastically

" Anytime"

" You're going away again?! How can you even think about doing something like that?" Hermione screamed. Draco could see the pain in her eyes, and he knew very well it was him who caused it.

" And why can't you fucking tell me?!"

" This, Hermione, is a very big thing. And I promise, really promise, that you will know all about it in the end"

Hermione was matching Ginny's hair with the color she had in her face. She was shouting daggers at Draco and walked towards the door.

" Where are you going now?!" Draco finally found the ability to talk back to her now.

" Nowhere! But you are"

Both Blaise and Ginny gasped when they heard the last three words. Ginny just shook her head. " Hermione stop, he saved your life..."

" Ginny, I know very well what he did. And I thank you for that Draco. But this is it. Out!"

" Hermione I'm doing this for you!" Draco said and took her hand but she just rejected him.

" You leave me depressed and suffering for months without a word. Not even a letter! I would be happy if I had a howler from you "

" Hermione please" Draco begged. " I love you so much. And I know it sound crazy, but this is all for you. So please.."

Hermione took a deep breath and so did he. Even Blaise and Ginny did.

" Tell me where is my fault in loving you with all my heart?"

Hermione could feel the tears burn behind her eyes and she let one tear fall. After a horrible silence she finally said it.

" It's over, Draco "

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