Losing you

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A few days after Draco and Hermione's lonely time, Draco had something to tell Hermione. He knew things would get heavy, but he had to. For her.

He found her in the manor's library, she used to sit there alot these days. It reminded her of Hogwarts, her home.
" Mione? I need to talk to you"

Hermione looked up from her book, and smiled when she saw him. " Talk honey " Draco sat down next to her and took her book away so she had all focus on him.

" I have to do something. Something very important " Hermione frowned and nodded slowly. " Okay...? And..?"

" I have to go away for a while " Hermione's eyes widened and she got pale in her face. " A-away? " she stuttered. " Where?"

Draco shook his head and took her hand. " I can't tell. I'm sorry "

Now she changed the color in her face again, but this time it was like Weasley's hair. " Stop doing that!" She hissed. " What?" Draco said, utterly confused.

" Breaking my god damned heart!"

Draco felt like he was taking out her heart, stabbing it and throwing it away. But he didn't want her to feel like that, he really didn't. " Hermione listen..."

" No YOU listen!" She shouted angrily. She threw a book into the wall and stood up. " You're just like everyone else! As soon as I open up my heart to someone, and actually starts to love the person..."

" You love me?!" Draco said shocked.
" No!" She immediatley took that part back.
" Yes you said..."

" Well I take it back because you're leaving me anyway!" Hermione hurried out from the library, and Draco followed. The half house was heard by Draco and Hermione's voices. Mostly Hermione's. Even Lucius and Narcissa was starting to get worried.

" I promise I will be back!" Draco promised and tried to reach for Hermione's hand but she rejected him.

" This is just what Ron did! He made me open up for him and when I trusted him the most, he broke up with me "

" Hermione I'm sorry. I didn't attend to look like that. I want you to trust me on this!" " How can I?!" Hermione yelled.

" You have to! I'm doing all this for you. You'll see at the end" Hermione laughed in his face.

" Do you hear yourself Draco? ' Oi Mione, I'm leaving you because for your own good. Don't worry you will be happy in the end' "

Draco realized that what just what it sounded like. But he wouldn't give in now. " Hermione, I don't care what you think right now. But you have to trust me on this "

" What if something happens to you?! And where will I live? Alone. In the muggleworld?"

" I've already talked to my parents. They already treat you like the daughter they never had, so you can stay here "

" With all respect Draco, but it will feel super awkward if you're not here too. I'm going to stay in the muggleworld wether you like it or not!"

" Fine! But I will still send Harry to look after you at some point " Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed

" You really think I'm weak right? "

" What? No..."

" That I can't do anything?"

" Mione no..."

" That I need a body guard all the time?"

" I'm afraid of losing you!" Draco screamed and pushed her against a wall. She hit her head and fell into Draco's arms. Draco felt her warm tears against his clothes. Soon he started to cry as well.

" I'm sorry Hermione. I didn't mean to hurt you "

" I hate you so freaking much Draco" Hermione cried silently. " I hate you so much it hurts " Draco sighed and kissed her head. He knew what the word ' hate' actually meant in this case.

" I love you too, Hermione "

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