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" Hey Gin, can I talk you to for a second?" Harry stood in the living room just after Ginny had gave him a huge hug.

" Harry there's something I have to talk to you about. But you can say it first" Harry rested his hands on her arms.

" I really like you, you know that right?" Ginny nodded nervously. " But I think I like you more like....a sister, than my girlfriend"

Ginny stared at him like he had hit her just across the face. But then she breathed out in relief.

" Thank Merlin it was you who said it"

Harry looked startled. " Wait...what? You were going to break up with me?"

" Yeah...well. I only see you as a great friend. I've been prepearing myself for this for a while. I'm glad you you feel the same way"

Harry was taken aback by her answer. He knew she was a strong woman, but he thought she might start crying or saying something like " I gave you five freaking years of my life".

But she just stood there with relief in her soul and smiled at him.

" That's good....I suppose. Friends?" He said and held out his hand to her.

" Friends!" She jumped into his arm and gave him a tight hug.

A/N I know this is like one of the most shortest chapters I've ever done but bear with me, it will get more interresting in the next one ;)

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