Blaise's pickup-lines

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A/N Just want to say that these pick-up lines are NOT mine or anything. I've found them and just thought they are so funny and fits into this chapter.
Enjoy! ;)

The weeks went on better for everyone, Hermione was trying to forget about Ron and spended more time with Ginny in Hogsmead. But one day Ginny walked to the Three Broomsticks but she wasn't alone. She heard footsteps behind her.

" Whatever you want to say, say it. " She said determinded. The steps slowed down.

"Okey, you caught me" Blaise sighed with defeat. Ginny rolled her eyes and turned around, to face the dark wizard.

" What do you want?" She said with strained voice. He sat on a bench with his eyes only on her.

" I'm trying to ask you out but...."

" But spying on me isn't really the greatest way to ask me. Just saying" Ginny giggled.

" Well, I had planned some pick-up lines, just in case you said no"

" Good because I am" Ginny said and turned around Blaise flew up from the bench and ran towards her and took her wrist. " You're coming with me"

" Zabini!" She hissed when he sat her down on the bench.

" Ginny sweetie, the name is Blaise. You better remember it because you will screaming it all night"

" Oh my god...." Ginny sighed. " You don't actually believe that works do you?" Blaise shrugged.

" It's worth the try. Besides, how's your legs?" Ginny looked and felt very confused, but she took a look at her legs.

" They're fine....I guess"

" Don't they hurt from running through my dreams all night?"

" Blaise seriously?!" She wanted to take that back, because she realized she had just said his first name. She tried to change the subject. " Shouldn't you be in the library doing some honeworks?"

Blaise just chuckled and pulled away a red ringlet from her face.

" Baby, I'll treat you like my homework. I'll slam you on the table and do you all night" Ginny had enough and stood up.

" I won't go out with you just so you can bang me, Zabini!" Blaise looked at her with a startled expression.

" I don't want to bang you" Then he realized it sounded so....weird and wrong in that moment.

" I mean....I wouldn't mind....I mean, I do want to go out with you, but that's're beatuiful"

Ginny blushed a bit when she heard the last word and gave him a small smile. " Now we're talking"

Blaise wore a crooked smile. " So, wanna go out with me?"

" Well, I can't sit on the Three Broomsticks alone, can I?"

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