One touch

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The party was huge, there was people everywhere and music was playing and a big Christmas Tree stood in the middle of the room. Draco felt proud of showing her all this, but Hermione didn't feel comfortble at all.

" What's the problem?" He said concerned.

" I am. Can't you see all the looks the other guests is giving me? They know my bloodstatus don't they?"

" They're only looking at you because they've never seen me with a girl before at our Christmas partys"

" Why? They think you like boys instead?"

" Ha. Ha. Very funny, Granger" Draco mumbled under his breath.
Hermione wanted to chuckle but suddenly a woman with blonde hair came towards them both with a kind smile.

" Hermione! How lovely to see you" Narcissa Malfoy greeted her with a hug and gave Draco a quick kiss on his cheek. " I'm so glad you find someone to take with you"

" Mom we were just talking...." Draco said but Narcissa interuppted him.
" Draco is always alone at our parties" Narcissa said directley to Hermione, she only nodded in reply.

" This is the first time he actually have a girl with him. Lucius and I couldn't have been happier when he told us" Suddenly Draco pushed Hermione away and stared at his mother, full of rage.

" Tell me when you and dad actually were happy together, huh? You don't even know what love is. All you do is fight and..."

" Draco!" Hermione hissed and took his arm and pulled him closer to her.
" Just drop it for now" she whispered. Surprisingly, Draco did. He rested his arm around Hermione's waist and took her with him.

" Come on, let's have something to drink" He said and led her to a long table full of drinks and snack. He gave her a glass of champange and was about to start talk to her but his father cut him off.

" Draco, have you seen Narcissa?"

" I just talked to her, but I don't know where she is now. Why? Wanna talk to her?" He said with a hint if hope in his voice. " No...I just wanted to know"

" Mr Malfoy" Hermione said polite. " I'm Hermione Granger, as you already know, thank you for letting me come"

" My pleasure Hermione" Lucius said just as polite as she said.

" Come on Hermione, you need to see some new people" Draco said and took her hand. " Not old and boring people" The last thing was meant for Lucius to hear.

" But..."

" Now" He dragged her to the other side of the room so they were so far away as possible from his parents.

" Why are you so mad at your parents? They try to make things work even if they have a hard time right now"

" Look, if they were trying to make things work, they should have thought of that before Christmas. When they had the whole house for themselfs and I wasn't here. But nooo, I'm sure they have just avoided each other since the day I left"

" Draco take it easy" Hermione said calmly. " Don't forget to breath" She placed her hand on his pale cheek and stroked it. This made him very calm and sane again.

" Care for a dance?" He said took her hand.

" Of course!" She smiled and followed him to the dance floor.

Draco had no idea how much just one touch could do for him. Only one touch.

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