Won't let you go

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" Where the hell are you taking me?!" Draco said when they had disapparated from the Malfoy manor. " And what did you talk to my dad about?!"

" Oouw, someone is jealous" Hermione teased and winked. " Don't even go there" He said harshly. " So you are the jealous type?" Hermione said while she opened the door and stepped inside.

Draco tried to hide a weak smile. " If you only knew"

She let Draco in and noticed that the house stood empty. She guessed that Ron had something to eat before he met Harry. " Are we alone?" She heard Draco's voice in the dark.

" Looks like it. Why? Afraid of the darkness?" She was in a teasing mood tonight. But Draco just chuckled. " I think it's you, who should be afraid of the darkness. Especially when I'm in it"

" Pfft!" She snorted. " Why should I be afraid of you? I've never been it before, so why should I be now?"

" Because I'm not the same guy as before. I'm a death eater"

" You're a former death eater, Draco" she corrected. " It's not the same thing"

" Good, then expect that you're not afraid of me when I do this.." Suddenly he pushed her carefully against the wall and didn't give her any chance to escape.

" Um...I don't think we have the same defination of what afraid is. I mean...diffrent things scares us" She tried to talk her way out of it, but deep inside she knew that wouldn't work. Maybe with Harry and Ron, but not with Draco.

" But you said you weren't afraid of me. Did you lie to me?"

" No. No, I didn't " She tried to sound convincing, but she was slowly freaking out. He was scaring her now. It was only them, in the dark.

" Good girl. I'm not scaring you when I do this...." His hand slowly caressed her chin, he leaned against her neck, and let his hot breaths meet her skin.

" ...right? "

" Right" Hermione tried to sound strong, but her knees was starting to get weaker. This couldn't just happen!

" Seriously Draco stop doing this!" She hissed, but Draco was holding her in a steady grip. " Doing what? Scaring you?"

" Try to take control over me!"

" Well you don't seem to mind. You haven't struggled yet"

" You're holding me in an very steady grip. What are you? Iron-man?"

" Relax Hermione. You're with me now, as long as you are, nothing will happen to you"

" There's nothing to protect me from!"

" Except the darkness right?" She just looked at him, it was like he had read her mind. " I-I didn't say..."

" But you don't like the darkness right? "

" I'm not very fond of it. But can you let go?!" " No, I won't do that anymore"

" Do what?"

" I won't let you go anymore Hermione. I've done that for so long now. Too long"

" What do you..."

" I want you now" He said pressed her harder to the ice cold wall.

" What do you mean?" She said nervously.

" I mean..." His lips was millimeters away from hers now. " ...that I'm going to kiss you now. Wether you want it or not "

Hermione swallowed and looked deep into his grey eyes. She was so lost in his eyes. Suddenly she could feel her head nod to him.

" Kiss me then "

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