A bit of advice

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" What are we doing wrong?!" Draco yelled angrily when he and Blaise sat in the library. They both needed to write an essay in Transfiguration.

" I don't know, man. I mean any girl would fall for us immediately" Blaise said. " Maybe we should give them a love potion. That should do it"

Surprisingly Draco just shook his head." It's not her real feelings then. I want Hermione to feel something real for me" Blaise looked over at Draco like he just had killed someone.

" What?" Draco said.

" You called Granger Hermione..."

" Yeah...." He realized now. " Something wrong with it?"

" It's just like I should call Ginny....holy shit!" Blaise hit his hand over hos mouth and couldn't believe what he just called the redheaded girl.

" Should you call her ' Holy...?"

" No you idiot!"

" What are you guys even talking about?" They heard a dreamy voice and Draco immediately regonized it. Luna Lovegood. She stood infront of then with Quibbler in one hand, her wand in the other one and her glasses on her head.

" Nothing special" Blaise said and sighed. Merlin he was confused.

" Is it Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley?" She continued and walked closer towards them.

" Look Lovegood, if you don't have any advice for us, I suggest you walk away and let us suffer in silent" Draco said. " That's why I wanted to talk to you guys. I have a bit of advice for both of you. After all, I am a very good friend of both of them"

Both Blaise and Draco was starting to get interrested in what she had to say.

" Talk, Lovegood" Blaise said.

" Well, Ginny doesn't really like to bickering with people. So you should try to give her some compliments when you see her. Okay?" Luna said and put her wand and Quibbler down on the table.

" And Malfoy. Hermione lives at two places. The muggleworld and in this library. So if you want to talk to her alot, you should be here more often"

" But I hate the library...!" Draco hissed. But he would rather be in the library trying to talk with Hermione, than sitting in his dorm and just think about her.

" Theese are just a few advices, you don't have to listen on them if you don't feel like it" Luna said.

" No Lovegood, it's great" Draco assured her. " That's good. What time is it?" Blaise shrugged. " Don't know. Maybe 2 pm. Why?"

" Shoot! I need to go for nargle-hunting now. If Neville wonders, tell him I'm down by the lake. Okay?"

The two Slytherins just nodded slowly.....very slowly. " Sure..." Draco said.

" See ya!" She jumped away and Blaise tried to think of what the hell a nargle was.

" Did we just get a new friend or something?" Draco said.

" I think we did"

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