A walk in New York

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Blaise and Ginny stopped just 10 meters from Blaise's house and looked at each other. " We're not going to your house, are we?" Blaise said when he saw Ginny's I-have-a-better-plan-look.

" No, we're not"

She took a steady grip of Blaise's hand and disapparated so fast Blaise thought he would throw up. When he opened his eyes, he saw alot of lights and huge Christmas Trees. Buildings everywhere, and people too.

" This isn't London, Gin" He stated.

" True, this is, New York!" She jumped up and down several times and squealed. " What is New York?" Blaise said and looked around like he was at the world's end.

" It's a big town, Blaise. We're in the United States of America! Isn't it awesome?"

" Wait, we're in another country? Full of muggles everywhere?!"

" Yeah, you learn fast, Green. Come on!"

They ran through a big part of the city, she thanked Harry for telling her about the city. They had planned to go there when Ginny was done with school and he was done with his Auror-training. But the plan's changed.

Blaise and Ginny learned how to skate on the ice, it took a while though. Ginny slipped and lost her control once, but Blaise caught her.

" Wow... Thanks Blaise" She said and blushed when she noticed how steady he held her, which was very surprising, because they were on the ice for the moment.

" Anytime babe" He said with a crooked smile and helped her up. Then he started to blush as well.

" Do you...wanna take a walk before we get back?" He suggested.

" That would be great" she smiled.


Later, they walked through Central Park in the snow and just talked. Carefully, very carefully, Blaise took a hold of Ginny's left hand and squeezed it. He waited for a bitch-slap from her, but nothing happend. Yes, one thing, Ginny squeezed back.

" Did you mean it?" She said suddenly.

" What?"

" That thing you said to your mother. About me being worth the trouble?" Blaise stopped walking, and turned to face her.

Before she knew it, Blaise kissed her. His hands cupped her face and pulled her closer towards him. Then the most unbelievable thing happened; Ginny kissed back.

He held her so tight to him and didn't really dare to let her go. He was afraid that he would wake up any second and realize that this was all a dream.

But it wasn't. It was real.

He pulled back and looked right into her brown eyes.

" I meant every word of it, Ginny"

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