A chance

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At the end of the party. it was time to exchange presents. In that very moment Hermione realized she had forgotten her present back home. She turned red in her whole face when she told Draco.

" You actually bought a present for me?" He was shocked about the fact that she actually had dragged her ass down the Diagon Alley to buy HIM a present.

" Yeah, it's Christmas right? Anyway, it's at my place..."

" Don't worry. When we're done here, I follow you home and maybe you can give it to me then? How about that?"

" Sounds good to me" she smiled.


When it was time for presents, Draco had bought a golden neckless to Hermione and a perfume from Victoria's Secret, ' Love Spell'.

" How on earth did you know about Victoria's Secret?!" Hermione squealed and hugged him when she saw the perfume. " Let just say, a red headed bird whispered in my ear and told me all about it" Draco smirked.

" There is no way Ginny could have told you" Hermione teased. " She didn't. She told Blaise who told me" Draco said with a calm voice.

" Oh"

" Besides, it's getting late and if you're not home soon, I'm sure Weasley and Potter will send a patrol after me"

" Yeah you're right. Let me just say goodbye to your patents first"

" They don't need that, it's just another boring party. Come on"

" Don't be so rude to your own parents Draco! Remember what I told you about love. It's not always perfect. It's something you have to work on..."

"... and fight for. Yeah, I heard you. Go and say goodbye then" He mumbled while feeling a bit ashamed.

Hermione hurried over to Lucius and shook his hand. " Thank you so much for letting me be here tonight. It was a delightful Christmas Eve" Okay maybe delightful wasn't the best word, it had been quite boring if Draco hadn't been there.

" I'm glad you could join us ms Granger. I think Draco was more than happy for that" Lucius nodded. Hermione suddenly saw a opportunity and took it.

" Sir if you..."

" Ms Granger call me Lucius"

" Lucius, call me Hermione. And if you don't mind, I would appreciate if you could agree something with me"

" Yes?"

" Do I have your permission to ask Draco if he wants to stay the night with me at my place? We won't do anything you don't want us to do of course. But...."

" Hermione of course he can stay the night at your place, but I don't see the reason here. Do you, like him?"

Hermione blushed, this night had opened many doors for Hermione, and she had started to think of Draco in another way. But she wouldn't admit that, of course.

" That's not the point Lucius. I just mean that maybe you and mrs Malfoy could...um spend the night together if you were all alone in your house after a night like this one"

" She's not mrs Malfoy anymore Hermione. She is ms Black these days"

" Not so fast mr Malfoy, you haven't divorced yet. Not in the law's eyes. This night could fix it all. Just give it a chance...Lucius"

" It's impossible..."

" Lucius please listen to me" She took a deep breath. " Draco...he needs you two in his life. And you need him, and you know it. Remember when you and Narcissa, your wife, ran into the castle in the end of the war to find Draco? There was a reason for you to run after him. You chose love, Lucius. You chose your family. And you should still fight for it"

Lucius just looked at her and admired her courage. " I will try Hermione. But I can't promise anything. But I will try"

Hermione smiled and hurried to Narcissa to say goodbye to her as well. Then she took Draco's hand and disapparated as fast as they could.

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