Give it up

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" Ginny! Come on, I miss you!" Blaise yelled out in the woods. He was all alone and looked for Ginny. Just for fun, they decided to play Hide and Seek. But for Ginny, this was Count-to-ten-and-try-to-find-me-for-three-hours.

" It's been nearly three hours now!" Blaise yelled and his voice echoed through the big forest. " Girls..." Blaise mumbled.

" I know where she is" Said a way too familiar voice to Blaise. He didn't dare to turn around and meet the owner of the voice. " Come on, you can at least turn around"

Blaise turned around slowly and met the grey eyes " What are you doing here? I thought you went to..."

" Skip the bullshit, Zabini. I just came to see you" Blaise snorted at this.
" You left Hermione heart broken, and you won't tell me where Ginny is hiding, and I'm getting VERY hungry! I hope it's more important than just to see me"

" Oh please. Of course I will tell you where Ginny is. But I need your help first"

" You know what, Draco? Why don't you just give this shit up? You've been gone for, like what, one month now? You're killing Hermione! She bareley eats, or sleeps "

Draco gave him a serious look. " She's not living alone is she?" Blaise relaxed in his face. " We forced her to live with your parents. But they check on her almost every hour. She's been fainting alot. And she has nightmares like all the time!"

Draco leaned against a tree and tried to swallow the information he got from his friend. " This is bad" " YOU are the bad one Draco"

" I'm doing this for her!" Draco yelled angrily and walked towards Blaise. " You're making her suffer!" Blaise yelled back.

" But it will be worth it in the end" Draco hissed. " And why do you suddenly care so much about her? Do you like her? Huh?!" Blaise eyes widened and was startled by his question.

" Are you for real? Do you actually think I would do something like that?" Draco's face softened a bit. " I love Ginny, Draco. She....she's the one for me"

Draco backed away when he heard the last words. " And would you do anything for her?" Draco asked. Blaise nodded, without any hesitation.

" Would you come to your best friend to ask for help?"

" Yes" Blaise sighed.

" Would you risk your life for her?"

" Without doubt"

" Then you know how I feel"

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