The night of love

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" Astoria can you please calm down with the champagne?" Harry said as carefully as possible to his girlfriend when they were dancing around on the dance floor.

" What do you mean mr Potter? Think I've had enough for tonight?" Astoria said with a smooth and innocent voice.
" I just think you should calm down" Harry said while he spun her around.

" I'm fine, Harry. Really" she smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips. " Thanks for telling me though" After that she actually calmed herself down and drank some water.


" Ron how could you do that?!" Pansy screeched and looked down at her now wet dress.

" It was an accident! I'm sorry, Pans" Ron had accidentley spilled drinks all over her dress when he was about to give one of the drinks to her. But Seamus had been such an idiot and bumped into Ron who dropped everything over Pansy.

" Sorry Ron!" Seamus yelled.

" Piss off!" Pansy yelled back angrily.

" Honey, don't worry we can fix this. I have my broomstick with me and..."

" And how you do think your bloody broomstick will solve this freaking problem?!"

" I thought maybe we could fly somewhere and have a I-will-never-forget-this-moment up in the clouds so you dry fast! But fine if you don't want to...!"

Suddenly Pansy kissed him full on the mouth. Both Ron and Pansy calmed down and took a deep breath while they both breathed out the same word.

" Sorry"

After that they both left for a flying trip up in the sky.


" Ginny?" Ginny turned around to see her dark skinned boyfriend looking at her with a weak smile. " Yes, Blaise?" She smiled back. " Can I talk to you? Somewhere private?"

" Of course, come on" she took his hand and they walked out on the balcony and looked out on the enormous backyard.

" Ginny, how would you feel like going to Bahamas?" He asked and took her hand. She was taken aback. " Bahamas? What should we do there?"

" Just spend some time together? Just you and me" " Um....yeah that would be super cool. Hermione have told me about the beautiful sea and the beaches"

" So you're interested in going there?"

" Yes....I mean why not?"

" Great! Um....many people goes to there and.....Ugh never mind"

Ginny frowned when he looked away. " Blaise? Tell me" She took a grip of his chin and turned him towards her.

" Like now"

" No, I'm just being stupid..."

" What do you mean? For Merlin's sake tell me!" Ginny was growing impatient.

" Okay, okay....many people goes there on know...honeymoon"

" Yeah...? And what does that has to do with....? Oh my God, Blaise. What are you doing?"

Blaise was already down on his knee with a ring in his hand and his brown eyes meeting hers.

" Ginevra Weasley, will you marry me?"

" YES! Oh my God, yes Blaise!" She cried and hugged him with tears of joy in her eyes. He happily placed the ring on her finger.

" And will you go to Bahamas with me on our honeymoon too?"

" Your bloody idiot of course I will!"


Draco had asked Hermione to dance with him before eating the wedding cake. Draco had felt so happy when he saw his parents danced the waltz next to them. He couldn't believe Hermione had completed his family so fast.

" Draco" Hermione said while they danced to get his attention. " Yes, love?"

" You know the night your proposed to me? On the restaurant"

" Yes?" He had a weird feeling in his stomach now.

" You remember me saying that I wanted to talk about marrige too, right?"

' Oh shit' Draco thought. ' She wants to divorce me already. Oh well, at least we had something. Now I have to find an easy job and...'

" Draco relax" Hermione said as she had read his mind. But she had basically seen the horrified expression in his face. He felt himself relax a bit.

" Okay, keep on going "

" I kind of lied when I said that"

' Oh NOW I can relax!' Draco thought.

" What I actually wanted to say was....that...Um...I love you...."

Draco just smirked. " I love you too, but that's not what you were about to say"
She sighed and nodded. " You're right"

She leaned in to his ear and whispered so only he could hear. This was just meant for his ears only.

" I'm pregnant"

Now this was truly the night of love.

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