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Blaise woke up by the sound of a door getting slammed. He had left the library very early and went for a nap.
He looked up and saw Draco kicking his foot into the beside table just like himself had done when he had girl-problem.

" What happened Draco?" He sat up but didn't dare to move closer to him. He knew that he shouldn't touch him when he was angry, only talk.

" I'm such a bastard!" He threw some small things into the wall and hit it with his fist. After a few punches his fist turned red and Blaise actually dared to step in.

" Hey stop doing that!" He dragged him from the wall and took him to his bed. " Sit down and tell me"

Draco rigidly started to tell him about what happened and how stupid he felt.
" I don't know what happened to me, Blaise! Deeply inside I wanted to give her back the book and forget about it"

" Draco take it easy, breath....breath" Blaise said calmly and pattered him on the shoulder. Draco took a few deep breaths and was starting to put himself together.

" And then..." He continued. " I showed her my most horrible side and broke her apart"

" Draco listen, there's no way out of this. Okay, that line didn't help. But, you have to talk to her, apologize"

" Yeah I figured that one out. But how? She will ignore me for the rest of out lifes"

" Oh come on, girls aren't that stubborn" ( A/N oh Blaise if you only knew)

" I'm not sure about that" Draco said and thought about his mother. When his parents were fighting, it could take 5 days for his mother to start talking with Lucius again.

" Give her some space now, and talk to her tomorrow, okay? Find her in the library or something. This is Hogwarts, how hard can it be?"


Well, it was much harder than both Blaise and Draco thought. Blaise even had to ask Ginny if she had seen her and that was quite embarressing because for a tiny, mini moment Ginny had the feeling that Blaise was into her all of a sudden.

They had an argument before Draco found them and explained to Ginny that it was him and not Blaise who actually wondered. But Ginny hadn't seen her.

" Ask Luna maybe? I'm sure she knows"

" Who?" Draco said but then he remembered that Luna and Lovegood was the same person. Jeez this wasn't his day, was it?

" Hey Ginny, I'm going for a walk okay?" They all turned around and saw Hermione wearing her jacket and was ready to walk outside.

" Alone" she added when she saw Draco. But he wouldn't give up just like that, he hurried after her when she was gone and half ran.

" Granger, I need to talk to you"

" Wanna know something more from my diary?" She snorted but she didn't turn around nor stopped. Just kept walking.

" It's not that. I want to say that...."

" If you ever...." Now she turned around towards him and looked him in the eyes. " Ever are going to talk to me again, then at least can you say me real name? I refuse to be called Granger"

" Okay....wait what? Ain't you born in the Granger family?" Hermione's eyes was starting to tear up when she thought about her family. Her family who didn't even knew she existed anymore.

" You heard me" she mumbled.

" Yes, of course. Hermione, please hear me out" A tear was left her right eye and she didn't feel like talking to anyone right now. But she agreed to listen to him.

He said that he felt so bad about the other day, and he promised that he would never ever do something like that again. Then he took the time and apologized for such a bastard he had been all those school years to her and her friends. Her friends. She thought of Ron. Alot.

She forgave Draco.

He held his arms open and said " Friends?" Hermione looked at him like he was crazy.

" Friends, but I'm not hugging you"

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