A new style

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Draco walked in on the Three Broomsticks and found both Blaise and Ginny drinking Butterbeer. They were sitting quite near each other and Ginny sat and laughed at some lame jokes Blaise told her.

" Blaise?" Draco said and stood in front of them. " Draco! Welcome, take a sit" Ginny exclaimed and stood up and prepered a hug for him. Draco knew how it felt being rejected for a hug so he accepted.

" Did you get her drunk, you git?!" Draco hissed when Ginny hugged him.....for a long time.

" No of course not" Blaise said, amd he was telling the truth. Draco could see it. " She have bought like four Butterbeers since we got here. And that was like an hour ago!"

" Merlin and Agrippa, Blaise. If she throws up, you're the one to clean up the mess, just saying"
Ginny let go and sat down close to Blaise.

" Don't worry. I made her drink like two big glass of water just before you got here. Right Gin?"

" Right, Blaise" Ginny said and Blaise looked right into her brown eyes. They just couldn't stop looking at each other.

" I really like your eyes" He whispered.

" Oh god help me" Draco whispered to himself. " Hey Weaselette?" Ginny didn't react at all, just looking at Blaise. Like there was nothing else in the world to her.

" Weasley? Have you seen Granger?" Blaise stroked his hand over Ginny shoulder, then down on her arm. Something that she seemed to like.

" Ginny? Where is your friend?" Draco still tried to communicate with the redheaded girl.

" Gin? Seriously? GINEVRA FUCKING WEASLEY!!" Now they both woke up from their dream and stared at him like he was about to shoot them with a killing curse.

" What?" She finally said.

" Where. Is. Hermione?"


Ginny had been drunk enough to give Draco the password to the Gryffindor common room. The Fat Lady got very confused first, she couldn't believe that a Slytherin would step his foot inside the Gryffindor Tower.
But after he said the password she had to let him in.

He didn't get far though, he was just about to enter the stairs to the girls dorms when Hermione showed up. She looked totally diffrent. Black clothes, new type of make-up and her hair was fixed.

" Wow! " Draco said.

" Like what you see Malfoy?" Hermione said with a seductive voice. Draco nodded hastily.

" Ahuh..." He was just about to snake his arm around her waist when she moved away.

" Too bad you can't have it then" He grabbed her wrist and turned her around.

" Don't think you can just walk away from me like that" He hissed but ge wasn't angry or anything, he was just....excited. And it was her fault.

" But I am" She said and got out of his grip. " Where are you going anyway?" Draco said and followed her.

" On a date" she replied without any hesitation, so she wasn't lying.

" May I ask with who?" He didn't see it, but he could he feel her smirking. When they got out of the portrait a tall and well trained guy met them.

" Whoa Hermione! You look absolutley hot tonight! Are you ready for Hogsmead?" Cormac McLaggen said and smiled at her.

" Thank you Cormac" Hermione smiled back. Draco's hand turned into a fist, and he wouldn't doubt to meet Cormac's face with it if he did something to Hermione.

" I'm ready, let's go. See you later Malfoy" She took Cormac's arm and walked away.

' This will be a long night' Draco thought to himself.

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