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Draco had it hard walking his way back to the Slytherin common room. He couldn't believe the innocent ms Grangee had the guts to kick him in his lower parts. This was the day he learned that he should never, ever underestimate Hermione Granger.

Actually he would have been taught that years ago when she punched him in the face.
It was lunch soon but he needed a short break.

They didn't have the time to smell the potion until the next day, so he had to wait 24 hours to smell her scent.

" Draco? What has happened to you?" Astoria exclaimed when she saw him limping around. She hurried towards him and took his arm around her shoulders.

" Greengrass I'm fine" Draco mumbled. " You're hurt." Astoria said. He couldn't argue on that, but never in i a million years that he would say WHERE he was hurted. Or who caused it. At least not to her.

She helped him inside and she thought he wanted to sit down on the couch. But he wanted to be alone for a while.

" Thanks, Greengrass. But I think I'll go to the dorm for a while. See ya"
Before she had time to stop him he was inside his dorm and laied down in his bed.

" You're exhausted" He heard from the bed a few meters from his. He knew it was Blaise. " You wouldn't believe me when I tell you why"

" You snogged Granger? Finally!" Blaise said and flew up from his bed. Draco just chuckled, he loved the thought about tasting her lips.

" Nope. She actually made me stay away from her" He told him about how the Brain of the golden trio kicked his ass for the second time in his life. Blaise had a good laugh.

" Well, don't worry buddy. Red punched me in the face"

" I'm sure you deserved it" Draco laughed. " I'm sure we both deserved what we got. Those girls are not toys that you can play with" Blaise filled in.

" They're both a challenge"

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