Draco's past

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" Whoa whoa take it easy!" The person yelled at Draco.

" The fuck are you doing here?!" Draco yelled back.

" That's a knife you're holding in, man"

" I know what it is!"

" Draco seriously, before you're hurting one of us...!" Draco calmed down and lowered the knife. " You scared the shit out of me" Draco said and laied down the knife on the table.

" Sorry. I just wanted to check that everything was fine"

" It was until you got here, Zabini"

" Well I'm sorry, but your mother owled me during mine and Ginny's snogging session this morning and told me to look after you because you hadn't come home yet!"

" Oh...sorry. But still!"

" It smells good in here, what are you doing?" He jogged over to the egg amd bacon corner and smelled it like he'd never smelled food before.

" It's breakfast for me and Hermione" Draco said.

" I didn't know you could make breakfast, everytime I've been sleeping over in your house, you have never done breakfast for me!"

" Bu hu for Zabini" Draco said and rolled his eyes. " You got your own woman now, go and make breakfast for her instead!"

" Fine" Blaise mumbled. " How did you find us anyway?" Draco wondered. " Ginny told me where Hermione had her parent's house and..."

" Wait, this is her parent's house?"

" Yeah, that's what she told me " Draco looked around and noticed first now that this really was a muggle house. If it was only Hermione's, there would have been some wizarding things too somewhere. But there was only muggle stuff everywhere.

" Okay...but I'll be off then. I'll contact your mother and...."

" No don't worry I'll fix it. Go and be with Weaselette"

" Her name is actually...."

" Blaise I don't give a flying hippogriff what her name is, just go. I need to think " Draco snapped with a stern look at his best friend.

" Okay relax " Blaise said, he looked offended and disapparated as quickly as he could.

When Hermione got down they ate in silence, okay Draco ate in silence, Hermione at least tried to be social. Draco just kept looking around in the house and just saw more muggle stuff.

" Do you like it? The muggle things?" Hermione wondered.

" It's...interresting " Draco nodded, but kept silence the rest of the breakfast.

When they were done, Draco dragged Hermione up to her room and laied her down on the bed. " Aren't your parents worried about you?" Hermione said and laied down on Draco's back.

" One time, when I was a kid, I ran away from home. I wasn't home for one and a half day " Hermione looked at him with a worried look and started to play with his hair.

" Draco that's madness! They must've been worried to death!" She exclaimed.

" The thing is, when I got home, they...." But he stopped himself from speaking. Hermione stopped playing with his hair.

" Well?" She said, just needed to know more.

" Forget about it " He mumbled and laied down his head onto the pillow.

" No! Tell me now. I promise I won't say anything "

" But I won't tell you anything, because there's nothing to tell "

" Draco Lucius Malfoy, if you don't tell me, you...you...Um.....well you can't join me in the shower I'm about to take later!" They're both so stubborn sometimes.

" But I won't....wait....a shower?"

" Ah huh..." Hermione smirked against his ear, and started to move her hands all over his body with light movements.

" Well, on second thought...okay I'll tell you " He took Hermione's hand and kissed her knuckles and took a deep breath.

" When I got home, they hadn't even noticed my absence...at all. They had just been fighting with each other and didn't noticed me at all "

Hermione kissed his shoulder lightly. " I'm so sorry Draco "

" It wasn't first when Voldemort came back, that they started to put themselfs together and spend more time with me "

He took a short break and took firm grip of Hermione. He rolled over so he was on top now, he wanted her closer to him. " I think Voldemort knew if he was starting to threatning me, my parents would wake up and do just as he said"

Hermione couldn't help but notice that it was a quite smart move of Voldemort to take. But it was too bad for Draco of course.

" But when Pot...Harry....defeated him, they started to go back to normal and fight..."

Hermione almost had tears in her eyes when she thought about it, she washed she could've done something for him. Helped him.

" I wish I could fix it for you" She whispered. For the first time since Blaise got there, he smiled at her.

" You have Hermione " she flinched, she tried to think of what she had done the last 48 hours.

" Okay..?"

" At the Christmas Party, you talked to my dad. I think you changed both his and my mum's mind. You helped me"

" Oh...well maybe I did" she smiled back.

" And now..." He sat up and grabbed her face with his hands. " ... I wanna do the same for you "

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