What is love?

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Hermione never thought the party would be over, if it wasn't for Draco, she would have asked someone who could shoot Avada Kedavra at her. No wonder why Draco wanted her there. It was so boring and nothing happened.

" I know I sound rude, Draco, but when is this party over?" She whispered to him.

" Depends on, what time is it?" Hermione shrugged. " I don't know, maybe around 11 pm"

" Well, then it's three hours left" he said simply.

" What?!" Hermione screamed and almost dropped her glass full of firewhiskey. But Draco just chuckled.

" I'm just kidding. It's like 30 minutes left or something like that. Why? Bored?"

" Believe me or not, but I would rather have divination with professor Trelawney now than this"

Draco tried to hide a smile but Hermione saw it. " Wait, that's why you asked me to come here! You didn't want to be forever alone when you knew that this party is so boring"

" Something in that direction, but it's not the main reason that I asked you to come here" Hermione turned to him and looked him in the eyes.

" Oh yeah? Why did you really?"

" I've already told you. No one in my family knows what love is. I know that you do" Hermione sighed and looked at him with a hopeless look.

" Oh Draco...." She took his hand and walked straight to the dance floor.

" What are you....?" He said.

" Dance with me and I'll try to explain it to you"

Draco took a grip around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Hermione laied her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes.

" Tell me" He said, in the corner of his eye he saw his parents look at them. Both of them looked very...proud and happy. " What is love?"

" It's when you put someone else's needs in front of your own. It's when you're ready to do whatever for the ones you love"

" But..." Draco tried to cut her off but she was faster.

" Love isn't always perfect Draco, it's not a fairytale. It's a something you work on and fight for. It's impossible to live without"

Draco could see how his parents shot a few glances at each other. He prayed to the stars that they had heard it all. If he was lucky, they had.

" Wow...." He said. " You are amazing Hermione Granger"

He leaned in and was so close to her mouth but she turned away from him.
" Come on I'm not that hideous"

" Just because it's Christmas, you can have this one"

She leaned in and gave him a sweet and long kiss on his cheek.

" It's good enough" Draco said when she pulled back. " For now"

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