Love Me Like You Do

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The Epilouge

" Draco!" Hermione screamed out loud. She stood in the kitchen and was just about to drink her cup off tea. It was a saturday morning and she and Ginny had decided to meet later. But suddenly she felt something wet between her legs and her stomach hurted.

" Hermione?" Draco shouted back from the second floor. He was still in bed and was too tired to move. But when he heard his wife scream out in pain he flew up.

He ran down the stairs and found her in the kitchen and she could bareley stand on her feets. She was nine months pregnant now and they knew that the kids was comming anytime soon but now?!

" It's time, it's time!" Hermione tried to breath like Ginny had told her to do and Draco tried to stay calm as well.

" Already? I mean are you sure?"

" WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU MEAN IF I'M SURE?!?" She was already losing her patience and felt like throwing something at him.

" I mean they weren't suppose to come this soon..."


Without hesitation Draco took his wand and grabbed Hermione's hand disapparated. 


Draco had in some way found time to send a patronus to Blaise telling him to get to St. Mungos. Both Blaise and Ginny got there fast, with some company.

Draco was in a room helping Hermione out while the others sat outside waiting.

" How do you think it's going?" Ginny asked Harry carefully. Suddenly they heard Hermione yell something like ' Oh I hate this!' Or ' I will never sleep with you again!'

" I think it's going okay" Harry guessed and Ginny nodded in agreement.

Though they did find it terrifying that they actually could hear Hermione yell from their room out to the corridor. 


After another painful hour, for Hermione, everything got quiet.
Draco held a beautiful baby girl in his arms while Hermione held a wonderful boy in her arms.

She was exhausted but she couldn't miss this moment. Not after everything they both been through.

The twins were just perfect. Melody and Brian Malfoy.


Several years passed and before they knew it, they were about to start Hogwarts too. Draco and Hermione had told them everything about Hogwarts and how their time had been there.

When they said their goodbyes Hermione fell a silent tear when they walked from the station.

" Well Hermione" Draco started. " The kids just started their new story now. And yet here we are, and you will be stuck with me forever"

" Yes?" Hermione giggled and took his hand.

" Think you can handle it?" Hermione jumped up on Draco's back and cupped his face with her hands.

" Only if you do one thing. And you have to do it everyday" Draco smiled and took her left hand.

" And what is that, honey?" Hermione brought her mouth to his ear and whispered;

" Love me like you do"

" Always"

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