The invitation

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A/N sorry guys this will just be a short chapter, but it will be better next time ;)

Draco was just about to leave the classroom with Hermione's diary when Slughorn stopped him.

" Mr Malfoy, can I speak with you for a minute?" Draco looked at the diary and wanted to give it to Hermione as soon as possible. Even though he was curios about what it stood inside it.

" I don't have time right now professor, I have to..."

" Oh don't worry it won't take long. Now sit down"

Draco immediately sat down, maybe Slughorn would take points from his house if he didn't.

" You know I have a club right? My Slugclub?"

Draco nodded " Yes, sir I do"

" And I only invite students I think deserves to be invited. You are very good in potions, mr Malfoy. And so are ms Granger"

" Thank you sir. But I don't really have time now..."

" And I would love to invite you to that club. We also have some parties sometimes and you are allowed to ask whoever you want"

" Awesome....but I really have to go..."

" Would you let mr Zabini know that he also welcome like last year? And there is a Christmas party in a few months"

" can I go?" Slughorn looked at him with a concerned look.

" Yes off you go now"

Draco hurried away and thanked Merlin and that Slughorn didn't ask him about the Amortentia. He refused to answer the question ' What did you smell?' If there was someone who could know anser of that question than him it was only one person.


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