In his arms

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After Hermione had stormed out of the Burrow, she had disapparated to Malfoy manor and told Narcissa and Lucius that she moved back to the muggleworld. They said that she was old enough to decide that on her own so they approved.

Just like Draco, Narcissa told her to be careful. Hermione promised she would be careful. Ginny who got a bit worried about Hermione when she had said that she didn't care about Draco anymore told Blaise that she would visit her.

She said it would be a short visit so she didn't bring her wand with her.
When she got the Malfoy manor they directly told her to go to the muggleworld so she disapparated there.

She opened the door and walked in. " Hermione? Are you okay?" The next second she saw the Brains of the Golden Trio walk into the living room with a drink in her hand.

" Great you're here. Take a drink, Gin" Hermione handed over the drink and took another one for herself.

" Hermione, what are you...?"

" Drink Gin. Tonight we will have a girls night. Dosen't that sound great?"

" What for...?"

" Isn't abvious? I need some time to forget about him"

" Forget about who? Draco? No Hermione you're not thinking straight"

" What if I don't want to think straight for once in my life? What if I just want to go out and do something crazy? Have fun?"

Ginny couldn't help but agree with her, it was a long time ago they actually had fun together.

" Okay, BUT we'll take it easy. All right?"

" All right, now drink your martini"


Hermione took Ginny to one of London's most famous night clubs. They had a few drinks and started to dance like there was no tomorrow.

" It was so long time ago we did something like this!" Ginny said out loud, because the music was so high.

" I know right!" Hermione yelled back.

" I'm going to the ladies room" Ginny said. Hermione nodded in response and told she would wait by the bar.
She took a seat and waited for her friend.

In that moment a couple of guys sat down right next to her. They were quite drunk and looked in her direction.
She could hear them speaking about her, but she just ignored them. They were four guys.

" Hey sweetie! You, the brunette one? What's your name?" One guy asked while another one were wissling after her.
She didn't look nor talk to them, she just wished she could do wandless magic in that moment.

Happily, Ginny finally got out from the toilet and Hermione hurried towards her. " Ginny, I wanna go home" Hermione said directly.

" What now? Why?" Hermione nodded her head towards the bar and Ginny could also see the boys who was drooling after them.

" Oi boys, she got a friend too!" They heard someone yell.

" Okay, let's go" Ginny nodded and took Hermione's hand and they walked out from the club.


As soon as they got outside they wanted to disapparate, but they were both to unfocused to do that. So Hermione called a taxi.

" It would be here any minute" Hermione mumbled and rested her head on Ginny's shoulder.

" Great" Ginny responded.

" Whoa here they are!" They hastily turned around and froze when they saw the boys who had been checking them out before.

" Shit..." Ginny mumbled. " I forgot my wand at the you-know-what.

" Mine is at home" Hermione sighed. " Just don't give them eye-contac...."

" Oi you!" One of the guys grabbed Hermione's shoulder and turned her towards him. " Me?" Hermione said, but she didn't look him in the eye, and that pissed him off a bit.

" What's your name?" He said and snaked his arm around her waist.

" I already have a boyfriend" Hermione said angrily. In the corner of her eye she could see that two of the other boys were getting closer to Ginny.

" I do too" Ginny said with an independent voice.

" Well why aren't they here and protects you two, huh? They took the night off to be with some other girls?"

Hermione got so angry that she pushed the guy into wall. " Don't touch me you filth!" She screamed.

Ginny was about to do the same but the two other boys grabbed her arms and pushed her against the wall.

" Ginny!" Hermione cried out, but one of the other guys took a firm grip around her and pushed her against the wall as well.

He tore up her shirt and tried to spread her legs but she kept them together.

" Too bad your boyfriend isn't here, right?" He said harshly.

" Who said I wasn't here?"

The next second the guy was gone from her and laid on the ground and got his nose crushed by his attacker.


" Let go of my girlfriend you monster!" Draco screamed.

" Same to you, idiot!" She suddenly heard Blaise yell.

" Ginny!" Harry's voice? No it couldn't be, but yes. She saw the Boy-who-lived helping Blaise.

" Hermione watch out!" She heard Ron yell when she saw throw himself over the guy she pushed into the wall earlier.

Was this a dream? Or was it actually real? Hermione felt herself getting weaker and weaker. But before everything went black, she knew she was safe in Draco's arms.

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