Our Family Portrait

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Draco was sitting in his room writing a letter. He could still hear it....or them. His parents was downstairs still yelling at each other. They have been fighting since the summer started.

He was pissed at them but still very sad. He was the one who got in the middle when they were fighting. Because they were fighting about him. His mum had told him she wanted to leave that God forsaken house and take Draco with her.

While Lucius wanted to start all over with them. Sometimes they even used Draco as an owl to comunicate with each other, and THAT pissed him off so much.

To get away with all shit he used to see Blaise at the Diagon Alley or at Blaise's house. After Goyle's death Crabbe didn't want to talk with Draco. But Draco didn't mind. Blaise was a better friend. He was funny and knew how to make someone happy.

They talked about everything; School, friends, parents.....childhood....and girls.

In the letter Draco had asked Blaise if he wanted to meet him in the Diagon Alley for buying new school stuff. He gave the letter to his owl and sent it away.
He was hungry so he decided to walk down to the kitchen.

After the war, he had given all each house elf a sock and gave them freedom. A new start in their life.

Draco had a huge dilemma when it came to his parents. Draco wanted just as his dad, to start all over again. But he also wanted what his mum wanted, to leave the house and never come back again. But he wanted to do it with his whole family.

He walked into the kitchen as quiet as he could so his parents wouldn't notice. Suddenly he heard something broke against a wall.

" Fuck. Mum is throwing another vase into the wall" Draco mumbled under his breath.

" Cissi why can't we do this? Just say why!" He heard Lucius hiss. He must've in some weird way notice Draco's presence in the kitchen because they weren't yelling anymore.

" Because I don't want to be with you anymore!" Narcissa half yelled half hissed. " I don't even know WHY I married you. I'll take Draco with me and that's it"

Draco don't know why he stayed and listend to their annoying argument. Maybe he wanted to know how his parents fell in love, but he was pretty sure he would never know.

" You can't take him from me! He's my son too" Lucius said. " He needs a father"

" Oh yeah? And where on earth were you when we both needed you?!" Narcissa screamed. Draco could hear she was sobbing too.

Now he couldn't take it anymore. He ate very quickly and hurried up to his room. Angrily he slammed the door so his parents would hear him. He succeded very well because it got very quiet downstairs.

" What happened to our family portrait?" Draco mumbled when he laied down on his bed. Trying to think of an answer.

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