A revealed secret

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Hermione ran out from the Gryffindor Tower and hurried down to the Dungeons, in hope that she would find Draco there. Instead she ran into Pansy and Astoria. Exactly the right people to run into in this moment.

" What are you doing here mudblood?" Pansy spat. " You don't even have the right to set your foot in this area, this place is for Purebloods"

Hermione turned red in her whole face, and instead of laying all her anger on Draco this time, she had a new target.

" I CAN WALK WHEREVER THE FUCK I WANT PARKINSON!!" She screamed so high, she was sure that even the professors had heard her.

Pansy was taken aback very much and lost the ability to speak for a few seconds.

" Who are you looking for?" Astoria said, speaking for the first time since Hermione ran into them.

" Malfoy. He have something that is mine. Have you seen him?"

" Draco?" Pansy said. " What does he have? I hope it's not your virginity or something like that"

" Shut up Parkinson" Hermione mumbled, her eyes were still on Astoria. " I think he's in the library" Astoria answered kindly.

" Astoria shut up!" Pansy said annoyed. " No you shut up Parkinson!" They all got quiet when they realized it was a male's voice.

It was Blaise. " Granger I'll follow you to the library, I was going there anyway"

Without any further questions they hurried away from the Dungeons and half ran to the library.
" By the way, what is it that you need from Draco?" Blaise said.

Hermione didn't want to tell him, but he had saved her from Parkinson and walked with her to Draco so she couldn't really run away from that question.

" He....I know it sounds stupid, but he has my diary. And I can't let someone that I don't trust have it"
Blaise nodded and het seemed to get the point. He didn't say anything so she continued.

" And I owe him an apology" Now Blaise looked at her with a questioning look. " I screamed at him when we had potions when he actually tried to help me"

" Oh...well don't worry he will accept your apology" Blaise said without hesitation. " As long as it comes from you" The last sentence was something he just mumbled but Hermione heard.

When they got to the library she thanked Blaise for helping her from the Slytherin girls and followed her there. Blaise was just about to leave when he turned back to her.

" By the way, is Red.....I mean Weasel.....damn I mean Ginny, good in Transfiguration?" Hermione just looked at him like he was an flying idiot first, but then she started to realize what was actually going on inside the Slytherin's head.

" Yeah, she is. Why? Need help with something?" Even though Blaise's skin was dark, she could see a shade of red on his cheeks.

" Maybe"

" Don't worry I'll talk to her. I'm sure she will help you"


" Granger?" Draco looked stunned when he saw the brunette walk towards him with a mix of stern and soft look in her eyes. She had her eyes on the book Draco was holding.

" Oh you're looking for this, are you?" Draco said and held the book closer to him. " Yeah, give it back Malfoy" Hermione said slightly annoyed.

" I don't feel like giving it back, Granger. This got me very interested" He didn't really know what was happening inside his head. A couple of minutes ago he wanted to give it to her, now he wanted to tease her and reveal all her secrets.

He opened up the book and started to read out loud: " Dear Diary, I am so confused..."

" No Malfoy stop!" Hermione hissed and tried to take the diary from him. But he just pushed her away while he continued " My feelings are so mixed, even though Ron broke up with me..."

" Malfoy, that's my private life! You have no right to...!" But Draco didn't listen.

" We have been friends for so long and we've done many things together"

" Malfoy I will hex you if you don't stop!"

" And I still have....feelings....for him...?" Draco made it sound more like a question than a statement. He didn't dare to meet Hermione's eyes but he had to.

Hermione snatched the book and gave him a death glare, he could see the tears that was comming soon.

" The only reason I came here was so I could get back my diary, and.....and apologize for screaming at you before. But now I realize, that you deserved it"

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