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Hermione slammed the door to her, Ginny and Parvati's dorm. She knew Parvati was gone for a while, but Ginny would come back any moment. She could feel the tears streaming down her face but she didn't care right now.

Something weird has happened down in the Dungeons at potions. The Amortentia, she smelled something familiar. Too familiar. First she had felt freshly mown grass, and that was from the muggle world with her family.

Then she had felt.....

" Hermione? What are you doing here?" Ginny asked when she saw her sitting on her bed, crying. " What is it?"

" You know that love potion I told you about yesterday?" Hermione said with a cracked voice. " Ah huh" Ginny said and sat down beside her.

" Well....I smelled it today and..." She broke herself off. " Mione..? You can tell me you know" Ginny said and swung her arm around her shoulders.

" I still felt his scent, Ginny" She whispered, like she had done something horrible. " You mean...?"

" Yes. Ron "

Ginny breathed heavily. She knew Hermione wanted to forget him, not like that, but forget him like her boyfriend. " You still like him, don't you?"

" Obviously" Hermione said and tried to let it sink in. " That's why you were staring at the ceiling this morning, and you must've woke up on the wrong side" Ginny said.

" Yeah, I keep thinking about him. But I know I have to forget him. At least give myself some space"

" That's right. That's exactly what you need to do!" Ginny said and shone up. " Give yourself a break, Mione. You need to do something crazy!"

" Ginny, wasn't jumping of school and hide for months in the forest searching for horrocruxes and risking my life everyday crazy enough?"

" Okay first of all, you basically didn't jump of school, you took the whole library with you. And second, you saved Harry's ass a couple of times. And third.....okay it was a little bit crazy but, you know what I mean"

" Yeah but I don't have time for that. It's so much in school right now and I practically sleeps in the library"

" You should ask someone to join you"

" I have but you won't come!"

" Not me, stupid! I mean a dude"

" Oh...yeah but who?" Ginny smirked at her.

" Why don't you take Malfoy?"

" Malfoy?! Are you mental? Why don't you take Blaise with you? I see him more in the library than Malfoy and you need to get your ass down there" In that very moment she remembered that she had shouted at Draco back in class.

She felt guilt flush all over her. He had actually tried to be nice towards her, and he was right. She slept very bad at nights lately. Maybe she should find him anyway....?

" Don't worry I'm fine without Blaise" Ginny said and hardly noticed that Hermione was bareley listening and had a battle with herself.

" Earlier today, he sort of eye-raped me just after you left. It was creepy"

" Mhm...." Hermione

" Then he told me I was the new Captain of Gryffindor team! Isn't that awesome?" Then Hermione seemed to wake up.

" Oh my god that's great!" Hermione hugged her then she took her books and bag and decided to head towards the library.

" Oh no...." She said. " What?" Ginny wondered.

" My diary, it's gone!" Ginny had eyes wide open. " Gone? How?!"

" I don't know, but I think I know who have it" She hurried outside and left a very confused Ginny in the room.

" Now I HAVE TO find Malfoy!" Hermione said to herself, both nervous and angry.

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