13 things about me

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So I was tagged in this 13 things about me by -Books-made-me-do-it    and I didn't really know where to put it so I thought I might as well write it here.

Okay here goes;

• I'm gonna be honest with you, but I haven't read all Harry Potter books. I'm still on the third one. And read parts of the last one, but I love the movies.

• I got wattpad 2013 and read very many fanfics. It wasn't until 2014 I started to write my own stories.

• I'm the only child

• I have a friend like Hermione and a friend like Luna. I see myself as Ginny if you were wondering. That's why I always keep those three girls together as bff:s in my stories.

• I would love to be a famous writer some day.

• The most romantic things I'd ever do to someone would be writing them a poem or play their favourite song on the piano.

• I believe in spirits/ ghosts.

• I study chinese

• If I had a super power it would be flying. I'm a fan of Peter Pan so yeah...

• I really like Eminem and his songs. Especially Lose Yourself and Beautiful.

• If I could go back in time and change something historic, I'd prevent the World War II.

• If I could play any Harry Potter character, I would be Fred or George.

• I love NCIS and that TV show is one of biggest reasons I want join the millitary one day. To make change and do something that matters to other people.

Now I nominate Sectumsempralways , Bl0cknedella , bailey_Higgins  Harrymockingjay  AlwaysDramione  and -DarkWitch-

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