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Harry and Ron helped Astoria and Pansy up from the ground. They were both very shocked. " Are you okay? Both of you?" Harry asked worriedly.
" I'm fine" Pansy breathed. " Me too" Astoria replied.

" Harry let's take them to your place. We can't be stuck here for another minute" Ron said to Harry. " No please" Astoria said. " I have to go home. My parents expected me to be home one hour ago. They must be worried"

Harry looked at Ron and sighed. " Fine, I'll follow you home" " I'm fine Harry..." Astoria said. " It was not a question" Harry took Astoria's hand and they disapparated immediatley.

" Will you follow me home too?"
Pansy said with a weak smile to Ron.
" unlike Harry, I let you decide that one" Ron said. " Because I'm super hungry and haven't really ate today. "

" Why don't we eat something at my place and i tell you everything you need to know?" Pansy suggested. " I mean you saved my life after all"

Ron agreed first when he heard the word " eat".

Harry and Astoria stood in front of Astoria's manor and Harry just had to stop a few minutes to look at it. It was huge. " And I thought Draco's manor was big" Astoria chuckled. " Well, his and mine are quite the same. We just have a bigger garden"

They walked up to the door and Astoria slowly opened it. " Harry, it would mean much if you didn't tell my parents about what happened in Knockturnalley" Harry frowned.

" Why shouldn't I...?" " Because they're both worried enough about my sister" Harry didn't want to sneak around so he decided not to ask about Daphne.
" Okay... But can you describe the men?"

Astoria tried to focus on remembering, but there wasn't much she could help him with. " All I know is that I saw a pair of light blue eyes on my attacker. He was very strong and tall"

" Thank you Astoria" Harry said and smiled. " No Harry, I think it's me who should be thanking you" Before Harry had time to think, Astoria gave him a quick peck on the cheek and hurried inside and closed the door.


Ron tried to not eat like a horse when he sat in the Pansy's kitchen and ate some pasta with bolognese. He asked if Pansy remembered anything special about her attacker. Just like Astoria, she didn't. Just that her attacker had dark eyes.

" Do you live here alone or what...?" Ron asked when he noticed that they had been alone together for 30 minutes. " parents are too busy for spending time with me so they ain't here"

Ron tried to give her a sympathetic smile but failed, but she understood that he tried. " Don't worry about it. I'm fine on my own"

" Yeah so I noticed earlier" Ron mumbled. " I'm not so good at spells, okay? I'm better at potions and care of Magical creatures"

" I can...teach you some, if you want to" Ron said slowly. Pansy looked up at him and gave him a smile.

" That would be great"

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