What have I done?

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Hermione was all alone after Draco had taken his things and done as Hermione had told him. He'd left.
Hermione just thought he would be gone for an hour or two and then come back. But surprise Hermione, he didn't.

He were now gone. Hermione couldn't believe what she had done to her and Draco's relationship. She had only over reacted and kicked him out and he did exactly as she'd said.

Just walked out of her life just like that.

Blaise and Ginny disapparated back to the Burrow and left Hermione alone. They were sure she needed some lonely time. But guess what, they were wrong. Besides, no one wants to be alone.

Ron had just got the news from Ginny so without caring about Harry's protests about let's-give-her-some-time, Ron hurried to Hermione's house.

He opened up without knocking even though he knew it was quite rude. " Hermione? Where are you? Are you okay?" He mentally slapped himself when heard himself say the last question.

" I'm in here" He heard Hermione reply from the bedroom. He hurried up the stairs and at least had the guts to knock on THIS door. Hermione said he could come in so he did. He carefully opened the door and stepped inside.

She stood in front of her bed and held the sheets in her hands. When she smelled it, she could feel Draco's scent. It was all him. She let a silent tear fall down onto the sheets and left a wet mark.

" I did this, Ron. It's all my fault" Ron refused to let her think that way and shook his head. " No Mione. You were upset and said some things you immediatley regretted, that happens to all of us sometimes" He said and laid his arm around her shoulder.

" Yes but this is diffrent Ronald. I made him leave. And he's not comming back..." " You can't think like that. He will be back. Sooner or later he will be back" Hermione threw away the sheets and took a hold of a vase on her nightstand and threw it into the wall which made Ron jump.

" Whoa take it easy!" He yelled. " Stop lying to both of us Ron! " She yelled back. " HE'S NOT COMMING BACK!" Ron could now see more tears in her hazel eyes. He wanted to hug her, hold her and tell her everything would be alright. But he didn't even dare to breath in this moment.

" I was so angry and sad at the same time, Ron. I was so afraid he were going to leave me and give me more pain than he did the last time. All those feelings....I put them together and threw all my shit in his face. And he walked out of my life"

Ron didn't really know what to say...or do. But if there was something he'd learn from Harry and Hermione's strong friendship, it was that some things didn't need to be said. So he walked over to her and took her in his arms.

He could slowly feel how her warm tears soaked down in his shirt but he didn't care. He heard her whisper Draco's name several times. But only one question was said from her;

" What have I done?"

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