Stay alive

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Hermione woke up and opened her eyes slowly. She was in a cold and dark place, it felt like a dungeon. She breathed heavily and her eyes tried to get used to the darkness.

" H-hello...?" She stuttered. " Anyone there?" She heard someone move a few meters away from her. " Hello!" She said more clear this time.

" Hermione...?" She regonized the voice...but she couldn't be 100 per cent sure. " Is that you...Paravti?"

" Hermione, you have to get out of here" Paravti said with a weak voice. " Well I can't bareley body aches" " It's a horrible spell...I don't know what it is though"

" What is going on here? What is this place?" She could hear Paravti sighed. Like it hurted to talk about it.

" They take you, uses you, and makes you drink something disgusting. And after a few minutes, you can feel yourself dying. Slowly...but you're dying"

Hermione had wide eyes open and couldn't believe what the other girl was saying. She wasn't dying now was she?

" Why are they doing this to us?" Hermione said.

" They want to get rid of Dumbledore's Army for good. Including the leader. They've taken so many already, Cho, Katie, Hannah, me, you..."

" ...Ginny. Oh no, where is Ginny?!"

" Maybe in another cell. I don't know..."

Hermione then dared to ask Paravti if she was dying.

" Paravti...are you...?"

" Yes. I am "


The gang was in Pansy's house and waited for Draco being done with some ' research' that he called it.

" What is that ferret doing?" Ron whispered to Harry. " Trying to save yours and my sister "

The next second Draco walked into the living room and breathed out. " Okay, I've done some research. And I think I know how to find them, but it won't be easy. Maybe for you gryffindors but not for us Slytherin people"

" Excuse me, bro?" Blaise said.

" To get there, we have to cross a garden that is filled of dementors. And when we get inside through one of the back doors, there will be boggarts everywhere"

" And you know this because...?" Ron said and frowned.

" I know which one who took them and I know where they are. They were my family's friends. But after Harry defeated poor Voldy..." He took a pause and stole a glance from Harry.

" My parents broke the contact with them for good. And I'm glad they did"

" So we should just grab out stuff and we'll be off?" Harry wondered.

" Yes, hurry" Everyone ran and took their wand and Draco silently prayed it wouldn't be too late.

" Stay alive, darling. I'm on my way"

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