Blaise's butterfly

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" Harry I can't believe that you're here!" Ginny said, still hugging Harry.
" Surprised?" Harry smiled. " Indeed" Ginny smiled back.

" Ginny dear?" Ginny suddenly heard behind her. " Aren't you going to introduce me?"

" Don't bother Ginny, I already know who he is" Harry said. " Um....okay...."
Ginny said with a slow tone. " Anyway, Blaise and I...."

" ...are a couple now" Blaise finished for her. " Oh really?" Harry said and looked at Ginny. " Yes. And Blaise, did you know that Harry is having auror training now with Ron?"

" I heard Draco mention it" Blaise said, his glare meeting Harry's. They got quiet for a moment with just Blaise and Harry glaring at each other. Ginny couldn't help herself but saying;

" Well, this is awkward"

" Do you wanna do something tonight, maybe?" Harry wondered. " I mean it was a long time ago we saw each other"

" Oh sorry pal" Blaise said. " But me and Ginny already got plans" Both Ginny and Harry looked at Blaise with a questioning look.

" We do?" Ginny asked.

" Yeah, I thought about having a date. If you don't mind of course?"

" Oh....a date would be great!" Ginny smiled. " Much better than bundgyjumping"

" What the...?" Harry said but Blaise interrupted him. " Come back with me Gin. There's something I need to show you"


When they got back to Ginny's room Blaise showed her a neckless with a green butterfly as a motive. There were diamonds around the butterfly, but the butterfly itself was made of glass.

" Oh My....Blaise what's gotten into you? This most have been super expensive"

" Ginny, for you, nothing is expensive for me. You're my butterfly"

Ginny hugged him tightly and didn't want to let go of him. " I'm sorry I yelled at you before" Ginny mumbled against Blaise's skin.

" It's okay. I didn't mean to pressure you to something you don't want to do. I mean, it's bloody dangerous"

" Blaise...." Ginny moaned against his ear. " Yes?" He said and stroked her back.

" I really feel like doing something crazy right now"

" Then do it" Ginny pushed him down on the bed and sat on top. " I can't do it alone, stupid"

" But Potter and your brother...?"

" I really couldn't care less"

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