Planting Seeds

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17th October 2007:

At first, Light couldn't understand what the point of getting rid of the handcuffs even was. L was around him 24/7 even after they were unchained from each other. L sat where he sat, L went where he went, L even waited inside the bathroom, yes, inside, whenever Light used it (with his back faced to him, of course) and insisted Light did the same when it was L's turn. 

Their nature's calls were becoming suspiciously coordinated, and things were becoming increasingly infuriating, so obviously, Light failed to see any benefit to the uncuffing.

Until, finally, he saw it. 

The benefit was seen by him in the form of a lunch. A lunch, with just him and the woman that always managed to make his heart race as though it were running in the Olympics. 

When she had walked up to him, smiled at him, tucked a lock of her gorgeous hair behind her ear, and asked him if he was free, it was as though she had lugged off all the hurt, all the longing that had been weighing down on him since the day he went into confinement. He had been around her all this time, no doubt, stealing glances whenever he could, but this was practically the first time in all those days, that the two spoke about anything other than the case.

It made him want to hug her and never leave her again. 

Said lunch wasn't anything great, just instant noodles in the kitchen where Kiyo prepared sweets for L whenever she had the time, but it made Light so damn happy. This was better than any lavish dinner he could wish for. 

"It's been so long since we've spent time together," Kiyo broke the silence with a tiny smile gracing her lips, as she stared at him as though he had just returned from war, "I've missed you."

I've missed you too, he wanted to say, I've missed you so much I thought I was going to go crazy, and he would have if only he could get himself to speak, if only he could stop smiling that stupid ear to ear smile, if only he could get his lips to move, if only he could do anything other than giggle like a schoolgirl the moment he opened his mouth. 

But he couldn't. So he let out a giddy laugh, which made her laugh, which made him laugh again. And that was enough to say just how much this meeting meant to him. Away from the prying eyes of unwanted people, away from the analysis of those that would never understand how deep their relationship ran, how much trust and how much affection their relationship held, Light was so damn happy, and Kiyo was so damn happy as well.

"I still can't believe this is real," Light almost laughed out, the instant noodles now completely forgotten by both parties. Almost hesitantly, almost afraid that she would disappear if he touches her, Light encased her hand in his own, giving it a soft squeeze.

Kiyo squeezed back and he squeezed her hand once more, only making her squeeze it again. And then they let out another string of giddy laughter until they finally fell into a comfortable silence.

"I didn't ever think that we would end up this way," Kiyo thoughtfully said after a while, her thumb gently rubbing over his knuckles, caressing the hand she held so warmly, "I thought we would be great friends, but we ended up being so much more."

Light's grin widened at that, his cheeks beginning to hurt at this point, "I think it was when we spoke in front of the hospital, the day dad had a heart attack," He suddenly said, "It was the first time I felt it, even if I didn't realize it back then. Now that I look back, I can say that was the first time my heart stopped in my chest. When you made me think."

Broken words and broken sentences, but he knew she understood. She always understood.

"Ah," Kiyo huffed out, her eyes suddenly sparkling, "You remember the first time we met? What a long way we've come since then.."

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