The Dots to be Connected

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11th January 2007:

"These files should bring you up to date with the progress in the case," Mr. Yagami said to Kiyo after placing a high pile of files in front of her on the coffee table, "They include all the important details that you need to know."

Even though handing over files that held such sensitive information to someone absolutely new was proof in itself of trust, Soichiro's utter hesitation and the now very clear frown lines all over his face as he did so spoke otherwise. 

Soichiro really didn't understand how L could trust someone like her so quickly when he had interrogated each one of them separately and taken so many precautions before trusting the taskforce team members, and it upset him. He did not like how this girl had popped up and within three days she was a part of the Kira taskforce, and obviously, the fact that she had just increased L's suspicions concerning Light had not played a part in his judgment, no role at all, he completely did not want to kick her out of the HQ for what she did.

Meanwhile, L had been watching every move of the young girl sitting in his hotel suite as she read through file after file. He had been almost absolutely sure that Light was Kira, but now, after Kiyo showed up, he has two suspects. His main suspect still remains to be Light, but he had two suspects. 

"Can I know in brief what Light had been doing all day? As in what his usual routine is?" She asked as she placed down the last file and looked up at L. 

She had finished them already? How long exactly had L been staring at her..?

But L maintained his stoic face as he explained how Light goes about his day.

"..after dinner, Light just goes back to studying without turning on the T.V. or his computer till about 11 pm and goes to sleep shortly after." He finished, turning back to the screen that showed live footage from the Yagami house, but still observing Kiyo from the corner of his eyes.

Kiyo hummed thoughtfully, staring at the ground. Her thumbs brushed over each other in an unconscious manner as she bit her lip, eyes narrowing and brows furrowing while she let her thoughts run wild in her mind, finally relaxing with a sigh.

"Thank you for the information," She murmured and got up, heading to the kitchen for a glass of water.

L's eyes narrowed ever so slightly at her behavior. What had she been thinking? What did she know? Did she find something wrong with something in one of the files or something that he had said?

"Hey, Ryuzaki?" Mr. Yagami's voice pulled him back to reality.


"I've been thinking about the purse snatcher and the embezzler's heart attacks a day ago. It seems my family couldn't have had any knowledge of them before they died. Shouldn't that resolve any doubts you have?"

"You may be right," L spoke after a moment, "Even though Kira can control the time of death, I don't think there's any way he could have arranged their deaths without having seen the broadcast first..

Hm? Your son has come home."

The two near the screen and the third a few steps behind them watched as Light walked to his room and sat on his study table, and turned on his T.V. which broadcasting the news of three small-time thieves.

'Oh, so we've reached this part, huh?' Kiyo thought, immediately chalking up the newest plans in her mind.

After a while, Light got up, changed his clothes, and left the house.

She heard L let out a faint hum and adjust himself on his seat. 

"What led you to believe that someone from Mr. Yagami's family could be Kira?" L heard Kiyo ask as she pulled up a chair to sit next to him.

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