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27th May 2007:

"Morning, Light!" Kiyo said with a bright smile before giving him a quick hug. Light's face broke into an equally bright smile as his hands instinctively wrapped themselves around her waist. The smile, however, faltered slightly when he felt her bare skin under his fingers, since he was reminded that all he could do now was steal intimate touches from her in moments like these.

His eyes trailed down a figure when they parted, taking in the white sleeveless turtleneck crop-top hugging her figure and baby pink straight pants with white pointed stilettos which made her legs look longer as she stood just an inch below his height in the high heels - this girl was truly breathtaking.

The duo walked through the gates of the University to their first class that day, and Light couldn't help but notice all the stares - most of which were filled with desire, and the others with jealousy - on Kiyo as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

Kiyo was never overdressed. She was never wearing anything to show it to anyone or impress anyone, she was never interested in becoming the center of attention or in stealing the spotlight from someone else. She was just her. This is how she dressed, this was her style, and Light absolutely loved it, so it wasn't her fault, no, not at all. 

He simply loathed the way everyone looked at her as though she was some measly and petty human like the rest of them. 

But he could control himself. He could take it, because he knew that soon enough this situation would be rectified. Soon enough, Light was going to become the God of the new world, and Kiyo was going to be his Goddess.

Then they would all bow their heads and fear the consequences of even so much as looking at her in the eye.


"..Light? Light?" A girl's voice broke him out of his thoughts regarding the new tape he had asked Misa to send to the T.V. station.

Light couldn't help but roll his eyes, knowing that the voice didn't belong to Kiyo, and any girl other than Kiyo was nothing more than an irritating little burden. Unsurprisingly, the girl was none other than Kiyomi Takada - his self-proclaimed girlfriend.

Just look at her! Light internally scoffed as saw what she was wearing and how she was conducting herself. Pathetic little clingy woman. From her excessive use of some cheap perfume to the gel in her hair that she used for hiding its scruffiness, it was all nauseating. It was as though she was trying to overcompensate, trying to make up for everything her personality lacked through her looks.

Light immediately grabbed Kiyo's hand from under the table, his fingers interlacing with hers in a firm hold making the girl pause in her writing and smile slightly, as she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I thought you and I were seeing each other," Kiyomi asked as soon as Light turned towards her, "That is.. we're more than just friends, aren't we?"

'NO!' Light shouted in his mind, gripping Kiyo's hand tighter, but kept his outward cool persona as he nodded in Takada's direction, "Yeah, we are."

"Exactly," She continued, "And that's the reason why I'm sitting next to you in class, wouldn't you agree?"

Light couldn't have been less bothered, "Sure."

Kiyomi huffed, "But you don't look like you enjoy being with me. I mean, you haven't even looked at me once! You don't meet me before class, you don't greet me, you don't walk with me literally anywhere," She snarkily barked out, maintaining her low volume since they were in a lecture, "And I come to University today to see what? You walking with Ikari over there! She even had the audacity to hug you, and now she's sitting next to you?!"

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