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To begin with, this is not an update, it's not a new chapter, it is a teaser.

"For all I know you could just be a stand in. For all I know you could just be a cover The Great Sherlock Holmes puts up to save himself from the big bad people of the world. For all I know, that soldier right there," She said dramatically, pointing towards Watson who stood a little behind Sherlock, "Could be the real Sherlock Holmes. For all I know Sherlock Holmes could turn out to be a woman."

Sherlock couldn't help but narrow his eyes at the woman who had so comfortably sat herself on their couch. What did she mean by he wasn't himself? What did she mean by he was a she? And what the hell did she mean by Watson being the real Sherlock Holmes?! Now don't get him wrong, Watson was a dear friend, but even the way he stood reflected how extraordinarily average his mind was.

"Which brings me back to my question, what can you deduce about me?" She said, leaning forward.

Oh he was going to deduce the shit out of her

"Overconfident, cocky, egoistical, patronizing, snobbish and highly irritating you are which is why you are alone. Which is why the one lover you had left you a little while ago. But the thick layers of clothing even during the noon indicates just how naked you feel in the streets, in crowds, which also accounts for your condescending behavior. You feel the need to cover and protect your vulnerable self since you know no one else will. You're scared of your surroundings.

Your clothes, expensive and of good quality. There isn't any fading which shows they are new. No jewelry except your thin necklace and diamond pendant, which seems to be a cheap fake from here judging from the chipping of the silver coating, is something you bought while your clothing is something you either got as a parting gift from your ex-lover or borrowed from a shop without asking them first.

You travelled here via a train today, buying a cheap ticket, and sat by the window judging by the slight mess in your hair, but you smoothed it down with whatever means you had and touched up your makeup. You wanted to make a good impression on us. 

There's fur on the bottom of your coat which tells me you own a dog, a tiny one, maybe a chihuahua, but the fur is very little which shows that it was brushed off by the rush in the cheap train your boarded.

You look calm on the outside but you've been tapping your foot since I began speaking, you're annoyed and upset that I can see so much at just a glance. You're annoyed that you've been proven wrong, a sore loser. The cocky expression on your face has also changed to a frown, making me further believe the same. Is this enough for you or should I keep going?"

The girl only sighed.. in disappointment..? Which caused Sherlock and Watson to narrow their eyes in utter confusion, "Yeah, I think that should be enough."

Somehow, some where, this woman reminded him of Irene Adler, but no.. Irene was much lesser, much inferior. Irene valued her life more than her pride, a dominatrix who would rather beg than die, but the lady that sat in front of her looked as though she would much rather die before even the idea of her begging for mercy was insinuated.

But that would mean she wasn't vulnerable, she wasn't scared, at least not of death. Then what was she afraid of? Why did she feel the need to cover herself so much? Did she have body image issues? No, no.. the way she's been sitting, it couldn't be..

Does this mean his deductions were perhaps wrong?

"I had such high hopes, Mr. Holmes, maybe a bit too high," She sighed again, something that had begun irking Sherlock.

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