Come Over..?

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12th May 2007:

Light sat in the cab after bidding Matsuda goodbye. It was late in the evening and all he wanted was to go home and get some answers from Ryuk, though he highly doubted the Shinigami would give him any straight responses. 

A sigh escaped his lips as he tried to find a comfortable enough position to sit in, his eyes searching for anything outside the cab window that would serve the purpose of a distraction. His trips to Aoyama and Shibuya with Matsuda were due on the 22nd and 24th of May respectively, and so were his chances of finding out who this second Kira was. 

It was upsetting and quite frustrating that this imposter had just appeared from nowhere in Light's flawless plans and had started ruining them piece by piece. 

The second Kira may not have been a complete idiot, but she was certainly stupid. He felt himself nodding in agreement slightly as he recalled the words Kiyo had said, of this fake being more of a burden for the original than any help. 

"She is extremely impatient, but she doesn't act on impulse," Kiyo had said, quite frankly surprising everyone, when L handed to her the journal that the second Kira had sent to Sakura T.V.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Aizawa had asked.

"It means that our imposter does not act impulsively. She thinks her plans through, but the idea of meeting Kira directly is almost fogging her mind. Take a look here," She said pointing at the entry on the 30th, "'Confirmed our Shinigami at the Tokyo Dome' It's almost too obvious that this is just a diversion."

"What makes you think that?" L asked after taking a sip from his tea.

"The whole reason for codewords is so that no one understands what they are supposed to mean, but after broadcasting their codeword, 'shinigami', in a public announcement, you can't possibly expect the imposter to write something as direct as this."

L only hummed in acknowledgment after that as everyone went on with proposing their own ideas and theories, while Kiyo and Light remained silent unless asked to do otherwise.

That whole situation may not have seemed very important, but at that moment, Light felt as though Kiyo knew something. She knew what the real message was, and she knew what the code was.

Light sighed once again as his mind lingered back on the girl in the task force. He was beginning to suspect something was way off. It had been more than two weeks since he had slipped up and let Kiyo see his reaction to the second Kira's tapes, but she had never once said anything about it. 

She didn't tell anyone what she saw, she didn't question him, and as far as he knew, she hadn't started her very own secret investigation against him.

Kiyo behaved as if nothing had ever happened. She conversed normally with him, acted normally around him, backed up his theories and disagreed with them just like she used to, and it confused Light so much.

He couldn't help but question her intentions and what she was planning.

Lost in thought, he didn't even realize he was home until Ryuk snapped him out of his thoughts. Quickly paying the fare, he got off the cab and straight into his house.

"I'm home!" Light announced as he took off his shoes.

"Hello Dear," His mother greeted him, "You're back quite late today."

"Yeah... It's because I was hanging out with my girlfriend," He quickly came up with an excuse.

His mother stood dumbfounded in front of him as Sayu let out something between a high-pitched squeal and a giggle, "Light you have a girlfriend now?!" She said excitedly, "What's her name? Oh oh oh is it Kiyo? Is it Kiyo? It's her, isn't it? Please tell me it's her!" She continued in a shrill voice, getting all up in her brother's face to get an answer.

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