Light's Date - Yuri

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12th March 2007:

"Why are we not telling L about this, Kiyo?! I simply don't understand!" Matsuda whisper shouted at the girl next to him exasperatedly as the two walked down the crowded street in the afternoon heat to Yuri's house.

Who is Yuri, you may ask?

Or you may not ask, since it's already in the name of the chapter..

But Imma tell yall anyways.

Earlier that day, Watari had sent to Kiyo the details of all the passengers on bus number 174 on the day of the bus jacking. Matsuda and Kiyo had immediately got together at a secluded Library, instead of the HQ at a new hotel, to discuss this information which was basically Kiyo talking and Matsuda listening with an occasional question here and there.

Turns out, there were only seven passengers on the bus that day, out of which a pair was an extremely old couple, another pair was a moderately old couple, then there was Raye obviously and one was Light. The seventh passenger, the one who they were going to meet right now, was the only one who had fit a probable description for Light's companion.

The passenger was a girl named Yuri, the same age as Light. She went to the same school as him and attended classes of the same year, being with him in quite a few classes. Apparently, Watari somehow understood what Kiyo had been looking for, and thus, while all the other passengers' details went up to one page maximum, Yuri's information stretched through two and a half pages (sides). Watari's thoughtfulness had made Kiyo smile to herself.

To Matsuda's surprise, there was quite a lot of information regarding the girl's personal life. It was somewhat along the lines of her being hopelessly attracted to Light, along with many others at school, and him never really paying much attention to her other than a polite conversation here and there..

And then there was the call asking for a date

Just a few days before the 20th of December, Light had an outgoing call to Yuri, quite early in the morning might I add, which lasted for a few minutes. It must have been to ask her to a date since on the 19th Light sent a message to Yuri reminding her of the date and sending her the details of when and where to meet him and what their destination would be, to which the girl had replied:

'OMG Light <3! Can't wait to finally meet you and go on our special date! We're going to have so much fun I can already feel it! :D'

*sighs out of second-hand embarrassment*
Good for you Light.. Good for you.

"Answer me Kiyo!" 


"Why are we not telling L about this?"

Kiyo sighed in defeat, "You really think Watari wouldn't have already told him everything? Besides, this isn't about us not telling L, Matsuda, it's about not telling Mr. Yagami anything."

"Then why are we not telling Chief about this?!" Matsuda asked, flinging his arms in the air out of exasperation.

"Because he's Light's father, Matsuda. Telling him all this without anything to back it up would just hurt him. He would be in absolute denial first, and then when he does accept it, if all this turns out to be a big coincidence, he's going to be so mad! He's going to hate me for life!"

"It's not like he doesn't already," Matsuda muttered, but unfortunately Kiyo heard him, making an irk mark appear on her forehead.

"You said something, Touta..?"


"Good, that's what I thought," Kiyo said with a huff.

Luckily the two reached their destination, giving Matsuda the perfect opportunity to change the topic, "A-anyways, we're here!" He said happily skipping to the gate to knock at the door but was immediately pulled back by Kiyo with surprising force before he could do so, making him smash into the girl and let out an 'oof'

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