Looks Can Be Deceiving by SupernaturalHallows
Looks Can Be Deceivingby SupernaturalHallows
Three children went missing in a perfect and quiet neighborhood 1982. No suspects, no leads, nothing. This is the gruesome tale of what crimes occurred so many years ag...
  • manhunt
  • gore
  • graphic
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Number 8. by Bohemiiaan__
Number Jaël
Nam is captive and he never saw beside that metalic door. There's only one thing he knows, the cell in front of his is the number eight. Nam has to escape in order to li...
  • food
  • forest
  • science
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Please Try To Remember Me, My Love by doyeon_ch
Please Try To Remember Me, My Loveby Choi Do Yeon
Choi Kyung Ree, is a top fashion designer that is engaged with Kang Yi Han, the eldest son of Taepgyu Group. But things started to be unfortunate when Kang Yi Han was as...
  • psychological
  • romance
  • tragedy
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Predation by avinisahoe
Predationby Leo II
pre·da·tion A form of symbiotic relationship between two organisms of unlike species in which one of them acts as predator that captures and feeds on the other organism...
  • psychological
  • vampires
  • ocs
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Into the void  by KidWolfey
Into the void by Kai
Sage a new boy to beacon hills
  • teenwolf
  • mythical
  • psychic-abilities
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Final Destination: Silent Scream by ymccray91
Final Destination: Silent Screamby ymccray91
Harmony Knight becomes hero and enigma to the public after she saves a handful of strangers from a deadly accident. One by one, the survivors befall strange deaths and H...
  • suspense
  • horror
  • grim
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Perilous by BAKrieger
Perilousby B. A. Krieger
For most, home is a touchstone. For others, it is perilous. Michael Kraus joined the Marine Corps to put the scars of his childhood, including the disappearance of his t...
  • mystery
  • literary
  • murder
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Sunlight by ScrivenerAC
Sunlightby Axel Cushing
Marlin just wanted a place to sleep, safe from the Alaskan cold. He found more than he bargained for.
  • gold
  • wilderness
  • horror
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Password To Murder  by HausOfMystery
Password To Murder by Kali Collins
This is an introduction to a fictional book I'm writing, with very realistic events. Warning: this book will contain graphic and detailed events such as abuse, murder, b...
  • abuse
  • homicide
  • psychological
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Christmas  Doesn't  Always Bring Winter Along With It. by purrvertcat
Christmas Doesn't Always Bring Lavender Quartz
Jade Leshane's life took a turn to worse at the age of sixteen but she's not some loser to mourn over those tragedies.She worked hard in life to meet others expectatio...
  • love
  • psychological
  • slowstart
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Lolita, By Another Name by AshtonSidd
Lolita, By Another Nameby Ashton Siddney Hunnt
What some may refer to as an autobiography and public journal.
  • adolescence
  • childhood
  • prose
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The Houses October Built by Goodmanizer
The Houses October Builtby Goodmanizer
This is the first few pages of a story I began writing, I'm planning on making it a dark, horror/mystery sort of novel. Hope you enjoy!
  • thriller
  • horror
  • mystery
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Landowne's Rubiks by braidennorth
Landowne's Rubiksby Braiden North
There is no better inspiration for an adult horror story than a children's game. They make the best premises because children are actually maniacal beings without the me...
  • smalltown
  • psychological
  • western
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Anna: Beneath the Smile by Sharkgirl2004
Anna: Beneath the Smileby 💗m💗
Anna Olson- a beautiful, sparkling girl you see on the corner or riding a bike around town on a hot afternoon. Her smile stretches from ear to ear, her eyes light up wit...
  • fan
  • psychological
  • fantasy
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Hope's Academy by Akosipunin
Hope's Academyby Jay de Vera
A group of 15 elite high school students ay nag tipon tipon sa isang espesyal na paaralan. Upang makapagtapos mula sa mataas na paaralan na ito ay nangangahulugang ikaw...
  • killing
  • death
  • action
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Reasons to be happy by Miako_Takasaki
Reasons to be happyby Miako_Takasaki
I know longer know what I'm doing with my life but anyways, here are random reasons to be happy xD
  • life
  • thedarkside
  • anime
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Here, Now by bobbelcher
Here, Nowby izzy!
(or, All Passengers Are Welcome) I went to a psych ward, hear all about it.
  • chemnotcharacter
  • mentalhealthawareness
  • hospital
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Psychological Facts by Kpop_nightangle13
Psychological Factsby Nightangle
facts that will surprise you.
  • facts
  • psychological
The Folk Family by Videosyncrazy
The Folk Familyby Haylias
Sixteen-year-old Lance Folk spends his free time in the cemetery, consulting with spirits. With an angry ex-boyfriend at school and a collapsing home life, it is the onl...
  • death
  • twins
  • relationship
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The Hat Trick by PenSwordsman
The Hat Trickby DylanMusselman
Francis Flourish is a master magician and at the prime of his career--but he's never seen real magic. That all changes on one fateful show when his rabbit Roger actuall...
  • hat
  • dramatic
  • short
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