Raye Penber's Report

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"Good. Thank you for your help," Kiyo said genuinely, before a cocky expression took over her face, "And Ryuzaki..?" She questioned, being met with nothing but silence, yet she could almost see him perk up at her calling out his name,

"I'll be waiting for the evidence."

Who knew even the ever calm and great L could sport such a massive irk mark on his face?


The call had ended after that.. rather snarky comment from Kiyo.

And guess who ended the call?


Watari did. No no, not L.

(L did)

Shut up!
It was Watari.

Anyway, Kiyo and Matsuda quickly arrived at Kitamura's office to go through Raye Penber's records. For obvious reasons, they were not permitted to leave the room with them, and they had to keep all the information they read to themselves. 

As skeptical as the Deputy Director was on allowing Kiyo to go through this sensitive information, he reluctantly agreed when L had personally called and requested the girl to be given access to it. He had gone so far as to call her his 'apprentice' and that he wanted her to 'deduct things on her own', and even though L hardly believed in superstitions, he almost felt like he had jinxed himself by saying that because God knows just how much independent deduction she had been doing.

Kitamura had, not so warmly, welcomed the duo and asked them to take a seat in the empty conference room while he himself had left to fetch the files that had been requested for. Not wasting the opportunity of having himself and Kiyo all alone in complete silence, Matsuda immediately questioned her opinion on what was going to happen. 

The man had surprisingly found amusement and sudden interest in seeing exactly how accurate Kiyo's future-seeing skills were. Even more than L's, Matsuda was eager to find out the young girl's perspective on things and how she would come to a conclusion to look into certain details over others. Maybe it was her keen and seemingly experienced observation skills contrasting with her young age.. or maybe it was just the fact that she was a pretty girl.

"Even the death of the FBI agents in the first place brings suspicion to Light, I mean, why would Kira kill them unless he wasn't threatened by their presence?" She had answered, "Plus, it wasn't like this whole news was public, so to even know that there are 12 FBI agents following Kira suspects in the first place, he would have had to see someone following him first. Then with the whole Naomi situation.. if Light is truly Kira, all I can say is that his tactics and supposed 'smartness' is just on the surface. Below that, it's just all full of overconfidence and naivety. The amount of mistakes he has made is ridiculous."

"But how come you guessed all of this? I mean, Ryuzaki is a very experienced detective. He's the best in this world! It's surprising that you are bringing us leads that L didn't already think of," Matsuda said, a glint of admiration shining in his eyes.

"Me and Ryuzaki and different people with different minds, Matsuda. I could never analyze situations as he does. Kira being in Kanto, being a high school student, being related to the police, needing a name and a face to kill, all these details, I don't think I could have put together unless I was hinted towards them. Similarly, L, being the factual and analytical person he is, would not be able to let his mind go wild and think of random yet practical theories like me. I'm not any smarter than anyone, if that's what you're implying, my brain is just a little different."

Before Masuda could deny and reinforce his opinion on Kiyo's much higher than average intelligence, the Deputy Director walked in with a bunch of files and almost smacked them onto the table in front of the two.

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