I'll be Waiting for the Evidence

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4th March 2007:

"Are you okay? I've been calling out to you for some time now, is something bothering you?" Matsuda softly asked the girl sitting next to him.

"Hm? Hmm.." The girl only nodded and went back to her thoughtful state, leaning back into the couch and closing her eyes.

It had been three days since their meeting with the receptionists and Kiyo had been acting lost and zoned out ever since. Not just Matsuda, everyone in the task force was beginning to get worried. Even now, they all stared at her as she continued to act all aloof and weird.

So imagine their shock when the girl's eyes suddenly snapped open all of a sudden as she jumped to her feet.

"Get up Matsuda, we gotta go!" She almost shouted before grabbing her bag and running out of the hotel room slamming the door shut as she ran to the elevator and got in, Matsuda following right behind.

"W-what! What happened?"

"We're going to finish what we started, and to be honest, I have a pretty good idea where the finish line is!"

"I don't understand.."

"You will, my dear, you will."

The doors of the elevator opened on the ground floor as they both got out and began walking towards the exit of the hotel and out.

"Naomi Misora is dead, there is no doubt about it, bu-"

"How can you say that so certainly?" Matsuda asked. Kiyo remained silent for a moment before speaking again.

"I'll explain everything, but first tell me, do you have your phone with you?"


"Is it charged?"

Matsuda immediately pulled out his phone, checking it, "Yes, completely."

"How long is the battery life?"

"A good twelve hours."

"If used continuously?"

"If used continuously."

"Good, call Ryuzaki and tell him to call back from a spare phone. We will be on call with him all throughout our journey today."

Matsuda immediately called L, no questions asked, and added Watari to the call, explaining what Kiyo had said to him before placing the phone on speaker.

"As I was saying, Naomi Misora is dead and there is no doubt about it. How do we know that? She wanted to obviously tell the police something, something important, something that would lead us straight to Kira, as I had not only deducted but had also gotten proved by the receptionists who were eyewitnesses to her meeting with Light and her demands of seeing someone from the task force, but somehow Kira found out and got to her. Naomi went missing, and if it is Kira who is behind this, which he is, she is dead.

Right now though, Kira isn't a matter of discussion, Naomi is. There are some things I would like to confirm, that I will inform you of once what I have planned for today comes to an end, until then, I would like you to be patient and allow me to do what I am doing."

L's affirmative reply and Matsuda's determined nod concluded the conversation as Kiyo and Matsuda found themselves approaching the NPA building quickly due to the fast pace of their walk.

Matsuda had a lot of questions, but he chose to remain silent and follow the girl who had confidently told him that all questions would be answered eventually without even having said it. He pulled out his ID and showed it to the receptionist as Kiyo began speaking.

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