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[Slightly explicit content ahead! You have been warned.]

"Light, there you are!" A high-pitched voice squealed, "I had a photoshoot nearby so I thought I'd come by to see you!" Girlish giggles filled the air as Light froze in his spot, his eyes snapping to Kiyo only to find her looking straight ahead, her face as though it had been set into a rigid mold. 

L had stopped in his tracks as well, his eyes wide as Misa Amane approached the trio, walking with a skip in her step but also trying to look sexy, making her walk turn out to be an awkward flip-floppy gait as she bent at the hip and looked up from her neck.

'Misa you idiot!' Light screeched in his head, cursing the moronic woman that had thrown herself into his life and refused to move no matter how much Light tried to lug her out of it.

He was finally going to speak to Kiyo about everything, tell her that he didn't care for anyone but her. Hell, he couldn't give a damn about what happened to Kiyomi or Misa, he only wanted Kiyohime! But Misa just had to fucking ruin it all by giving a guest appearance. That bloody pea-brained burden of a girl! If it wasn't for Rem, he would have killed her the moment she said she wanted him to be her boyfriend.

"Hi there, I'm Light's girlfriend, Misa Amane," She said directly to L, completely ignoring Kiyo who stood just next to him, "Nice to meet you!"

"I'm.. Hideki Ryuga," L spoke lowly, slightly thrown off by the fact that Misa had just introduced herself as Light's girlfriend while Light had only a few minutes ago informed both of them that Kiyomi was his girlfriend. Even though L thought Light was Kira, he definitely didn't think he could be a two-timing cheat, but oh well.

"Huh..? Hideki Ryuga..?" Misa said more to herself, her eyes trailing up his face to look above his head, but Light had stepped in immediately, grabbing the girl by her shoulders.

"Yeah, he has the exact same first and last names as an idol. Pretty bizarre, huh?"

Misa continued to stare at the empty space above L's head, which looked so odd but apparently no one questioned it, as Light's lips tugged up into a smirk. A vicious smirk that was dripping with evil, however, that smirk faltered as soon as he glanced at L who was giggling to himself.

It was amusing, to say the least, to watch Light struggle to find mistakes he had made so that he could guess what L was laughing about, but Kiyo needed to keep up the act. So she silently watched, standing back in the shadows, as L created a scene, gathering a crowd and running around like a horny perverted teenager that got his kicks in life from touching women without consent and acting cute about it. Kiyo never liked this scene very much, even though it was only so that L could grab Misa's phone to make sure Light couldn't contact her. It was just the way Misa had laughed it off that made her uncomfortable.

The show went by quickly, coming to an abrupt end when Misa's manager rushed her to her next photo shoot, clearing the audience that surrounded them and leaving herself, L, and Light standing alone once more, and we all know what happened after that.

Light excusing himself, trying to call Misa only to find her cell phone was with L, trying to call Misa's third cell L had no idea about, and L informing Light about Misa being apprehended under the suspicion of being the second Kira.


Quite frankly, Light should have seen that move coming from miles away! I mean, seriously?! Misa may have asked her 'friend' to record and pack and even post the tapes but she was her friend! Besides, the whole process of making the tapes happened at her house, so irrespective of whether it was the other girl's fingerprints that matched, the police would still be ultimately let to Misa since she was the one in contact with their prime suspect!

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