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The sun was setting and the night was inching closer by the second. The yellow lights and the faint glow from the sun were the only things that illuminated the inside of the apartment on the twenty eight-th floor of the skyscraper.

"B-but How?!" He shouted.

"So what are you going to do?" She said with a nasty smirk.

"Swallow your 'male pride' and admit your defeat to a 'weak little girl' or are you going to be a sore loser and shoot me in the head?" Daniel's scowl became even more threatening and the grip on his gun tightened further at her words and growing smirk.

Lilith's eyes were twinkling with excitement and her heart thundered with anticipation. What was his next move? His anger was still not enough to overpower his confusion and utter shock and curiosity, she could tell that he was going to ask. The sweat beads growing on his forehead, ever since he came to know, were now beginning to trickle down to his cheeks, oh no.. she was triggering his anxiety, was she now? The thought made her inwardly chuckle.

"Oh don't be a big baby now, are you really that unprofessional? Are you really going to let yourself slip into a panic attack right in front of me? Huh? Tell me Daniel," Lilith said, moving closer to him, the vicious glint of pure thrill still shining in her eyes. She moved closer and closer, till her lips were right next to his ear, and she whispered tracing his clenched jaw ever so lightly with the tips of her fingers, "Are you really that frightened of what I can do?"

"Shut up!" He shouted pushing her back with great force, making Lilith lose her balance as she landed harshly on her bum on the carpeted floor. 

"Ouch! You don't have to get so triggered, Jesus.." She muttered, that tiny little annoying smirk still plastered on her face as she made herself comfortable on the floor, pulling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

"I swear to god Lilith tell me right now or I'll blow your brains out," Daniel barked, "Tell me what you did to them!" He shouted, making Lilly and Ethan flinch and hold each other tighter. They had really fucked up, they shouldn't have listened to her at all! It was their fault they were all in this mess. They couldn't blame Lilith for this though, well at least, Ethan couldn't.

Lilly was scared for her life, she was even more scared that Daniel would do something to Ethan, she would happily die for him, she had always loved him so much ever since she had laid her eyes on him, but Ethan? Oh no no.. the only person he could die for in this world was Lilith, His Lilith

The way she spoke, the way she had a way with words, the way she understood him, the way she trailed her fingers up his arm, the way she sent shivers down his spine, the way her eyes glinted with something deeper than the universe itself, he was drowning. Even at this point, as he and his 'girlfriend' stood right behind Lilith's seated body, the way she looked at Daniel and the gun in his hands, with nothing but delight and eagerness, made him love her even more. He knew she was manipulating him, he knew she was weaving an intricate trap for all three of them with her words, he knew that she was simply going to use Lilly and himself to win her battle against Daniel, but he couldn't help but let himself fall for every trap she set, and he would be lying if he said it wasn't the sweetest thing in the world.

He would be lying if he said that the pain and hurt she gave her was not the most wonderful thing he had and could have ever felt in his existence.

"Oh, I didn't do anything Daniel," Lilith said, singing out his name. "I never asked them to betray you, I never even mentioned it! I never asked them to leave you for me, they chose to do so by their own free will! Don't blame me now, just because the people you trusted with your life decided to entrust their own to me. How is it my fault that they decided one fine day to expose all your dark and dirty little secrets to the.." she cleared her throat before standing up again and speaking lowly, "..Police force."

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