Moving Day

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"Goodbye, mom. Goodbye, dad. Thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for bringing me to this world, thank you for loving me so much. It'll be quite some time before I can visit you again, Kanto isn't particularly close after all, but I sure will try to as much as I can," Kiyohime whispered with a small smile as she placed the bouquet of white flowers down and stood up. 

The sky was a brilliant blue that day and the sun only peeped from behind the few clouds once in a while making it seem just a bit cooler. A quiet breeze made Kiyo's chin-length black hair sway as it slightly bounced with each stride she took towards the gates of the local cemetery, her forest-green eyes gazing at her surroundings. The wind grew stronger and she pulled her blue denim jacket a little more tightly over her plain white shirt as she stuffed her hands in the pockets of her black skinny ripped jeans. It was November after all, beautiful but chilly autumn in Japan.

She made her way home, briskly walking the streets of the region where she had been living for the past ten years, looking around and taking in her surroundings for the last time in what she thought would be at least the next few years. It was finally time to go, she had only twenty-six days left after all.

The grey and orange 'Nippon Express' moving truck stood in front of the gates of her apartment building, ready to take her belongings from Kanagawa to Kanto. Speeding up as Kiyo saw the impatience of the driver, she jogged to the truck and got in the 'passenger seat'. She was only seventeen so she couldn't drive yet.

Waving goodbye to the building guard, who returned her gesture with equal emotion, the truck finally got into motion and the driver pulled out of the lane and set on the path to Kiyohime's new home, Kanto.

'Finally,' she had thought to herself, 'I have waited for this for way too long now.'

She was finally going to do what she wanted to ever since she was two. She was finally going to meet the raven-haired, pale, skinny genius she had bumped into, after fifteen whole years. She was finally going to meet the brunette she had never met before, but she knew all about.

It felt like this life was a gift to her from god, like an apology present for the life she had lived before this one, a way of giving her the liberty to actually do things she could have only wished for and made scenarios of in her mind. Kiyo was in for a game, a long game of words and actions that she could actually affect and play a part in and not just imagine what her presence would have changed. This was what she had been waiting for, this was what she had been 'polishing' her skills for,

And finally, she was going to act on all the sinister plans she had only been fabricating in her mind.

[Next chapter begins from the day Light already finds the book. She watched him pick it up and all, but doesn't introduce herself then. Btw she moved into the place right next to the Yagami house for obvious reasons, and no one knows that yet except herself]

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