You're my new neighbor?!

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36 days later, January 8th 2007 - 

Kiyohime's POV:

The long wait was finally over, Light and I were finally officially going to meet, 

And finally, L was going to get to know about my existence.

How, you may ask me?

Well, the answer is quite simple -

I was going to go to dinner at the Yagami Household. I was going to sit there with Sayu, Light, and Sachiko and watch television. The news about the 1500 agents was going to be broadcasted exclusively on the television of this house. I was going to have a reaction. L was going to watch me react along with Mr. Yagami through the cameras that covered every inch of the house.

And hopefully, by the end of it all, I was going to be L's second suspect.

A lot had happened in the past 36 days. Kira had managed to create quite the stir all around the world. 12 FBI agents had been killed and so had Naomi Misora. Light was already a suspect and he was being kept in surveillance 24/7. 

Life, however, had been the hardest for Ryuk, especially with all the best quality apples I had sent earlier today which he obviously couldn't eat at home.

I'm a fucking sadist. Come at me.

I wore my black turtle neck top tucked into my white ankle-length straight pants. I put on my black stilettos and pulled my full sleeves up to my elbows, putting on a white belt analog watch on my right wrist.

Ready at last.

Running my fingers through my hair and rechecking my power appearance for the last time, I stepped out of my house locking it behind me. I walked to the Yahami Household and knocked at the door twice when I heard a voice, Light's voice, asking me to wait for a 'sec'.

The door opened and I let a warm smile grace my lips. Much to my amusement but not surprise, however, instead of a welcoming smile, Light held an expression of utter shock on his face.

"Y-you!" He said/shouted pointing an 'accusing' finger at me.

"M-me!" I replied with a mocking smirk, "I'm sorry, do you know me or something?" I asked, "Or have I unknowingly done something wrong to you?"

"You're my new neighbor?! I saw you at the store the other day, I heard you say 'Instant Karma' as well," He said, his shocked expression slowly transforming into a smirk.

Light's POV:

As soon as the words left my mouth, her eyes widened. 

I almost let out a scoff. 

I could almost imagine it. She was going to say something along the lines of 'I thought I said that in my mind' or she was going to refuse having said something like that all together with a pathetic excuse to back it up. No one had the guts to say things like that, and no one had the guts to accept it out loud if they did.

But she surprised me once again.

"Something must be wrong with me to have not noticed you. I do remember saying it in a fairly soft voice, so you must have been standing right next to me to actually be able to catch that. I apologize for my behavior. I am Kiyohime Ikari, your new neighbor and the weird girl at the store who failed to notice the number one student in Japan." She said extending her hand for me to shake, with a polite smile.. or was it an arrogant smirk..? 

But wait.. wait.. rewind a bit. The problem here was the fact that she didn't notice a man standing next to her, when a biker got squashed by a truck right outside the store, and not that he knew she had been happy about the guy's death. Nice.

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