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1st March 2007:

Matsuda had quieted down considerably since the past few days. It stunned Kiyo as to how she had underestimated Matsuda.. underestimated in terms of, sorry but it's true, his stupidity.

He had excitedly joined her in finding clues and matching locations the other day in order to get Soichiro's son out of L's suspicious gaze, only to realize that all he had done was further drown Light and increase his percentage of being Kira in L's view. Matsuda himself was disappointed.

He had, nonetheless, gotten ready to begrudgingly trod down the path to the NPA Headquarters with Kiyo as she had stood up and announced that Watari had told her that the receptionists on the 1st of January were on duty again today. He had been chosen by her to accompany her through this part of the investigation and Matsuda, being the professional he was, was going to follow through whether he liked it or not. 

So now, with his hands stuffed in his pockets and an almost pout on his face, Matsuda was walking with Kiyo like a five-year-old who had been denied an ice cream by his mum. He obviously even wanted attention like a five-year-old, judging from the 'hmph's and 'tch's and 'tsk's he was letting out every few minutes. It was both amusing and annoying at the same time.

"Okay, what? What do you want me to do?" Kiyo finally snapped, stopping in the middle of the road and turning to look at him. She didn't shout, but her tone was enough to show her annoyance, "You're acting like it's my fault that you didn't realize Light was Mr. Yagami's son!"

"Well..! I.. don't know, okay!" He said back, crossing his arms over his chest, "I don't understand why you and L are so bent on proving Light is Kir-"

"And I don't understand why just because he is the Chief's son he just has to be the most innocent and pure person in the world?!" Matsuda's eyes widened at the sudden outburst as Kiyo's voice got louder, "And I don't understand why you are all so discriminatory and unfair when it comes to him. I get that the Chief is a great man but just based on that you can't judge his son, especially if you haven't ever met him in your life and don't know who he truly is!"

"O-okay, Oka-" Matsuda defensively waved his hands in front of his face, accepting his defeat, but Kiyo quickly shook her head from side to side and cut him off,

"Always remember Matsuda," She said softly, "As sad and depressing as it seems, the truth is that it doesn't take a killer to murder, it only takes motive, a mind, and the means, and Light, unfortunately, seems like the person who would have them all."

As much as Matsuda wanted to deny this, Kiyo was right. Anyone could be Kira and that was a fact, it didn't matter if he was the Chief's son or the President's, it didn't matter if he was the richest of the rich or the poorest of the poor, anyone with a motive, means, and mind would and could be Kira, so he needed to stop discriminating and trying to save Light, they all needed to.

"You're right.." Matsuda sighed.

"Thank you," Kiyo replied, "I'll buy you ice cream today if you behave like a good boy now," She teased with a lazy smirk and reached up patting his head, which made Matsuda blush bright red and look away.

"O-okay," He squeaked making Kiyo giggle.


"Do you know who Light Yagami is?" Matsuda questioned, a switched-on voice recorder in hand and a serious expression on his face, as Kiyo stood next to him assertively, almost supporting him.

"Oh yes! He's the Chief's kid, isn't he? I remember he had helped us solve the Insurance fraud murder investigation sometime last year, I was there as a receptionist at that time too."

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